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The Catchup 2: Shigofumi 4-7

Yes, friends, this is a twisted show

This is a show, in the end, that doesn’t fail to surprise–even if not all the surprises are (in my opinion) welcome. As the mystery of Fumika’s identity continues to deepen, the twists and turns get stranger and the potential for this show to shine–or go off the rails–becomes more evident.

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 18 – Don’t Try This At Home

Anime Diet Radio finally graduates and comes into its maturity in this, our 18th and our first Jeremy-less episode in a while. (He had a toothache.) We’re doing DANGEROUS things that you shouldn’t try at home: like the Indonesian boy who imitated Naruto too much and spreading the Clannad virus! And we also talk about this season’s anime like Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino, Rosario + Vampire, True Tears, Shigofumi, and They are My Noble Masters.

This was, as you will hear, recorded two weeks ago on Super Bowl Sunday. It is actually Take 2 of Episode 18, which because of computer problems described in the Introduction, we had to scrap. I still think this was a good episode, though, and I hope you’ll agree!

Erratum: the drink referred to that had a commercial in the Superbowl is not called Volt, but Amp. As you can see I did not do well in the electricity unit of high school physics. :) You can see the original Super Bowl commercial here (1). Note the warning at the bottom!

Show Order

  • –(00:00–03:36) Introduction
  • –(03:37–12:37) News 1: Indonesian Naruto Fan Strangles Self; Legislation Called For
  • –(12:38–19:47) News 2: The Clannad Virus
  • –(19:48–39:02) Mailbag
  • –(39:03–67:28) Roundtable
  • –(67:29–end) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Breakin’ Through” by Shūhei Kita (OP to Persona: Trinity Soul)
  • –ED: “COSMIC LOVE” by Nana Mizuki (OP to Rosario + Vampire)
  • –The original news piece about the Naruto Indonesian victim is at Anime News Network here (2).
  • –The original news piece about the Clannad virus and other Japanese prosecuted for illegal uploads is at ANN here (3).
  • –The comments for the previous episode are here.


  • (1)http://sports.aol.com/nfl/superbowlads?videoId=2065948
  • (2)http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-01-21/indonesian-child-dies-after-imitating-anime-character
  • (3)http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-01-24/3-japanese-men-arrested-charged-with-uploading-anime
  • (4)http://animediet.net/archives/3162#comments

Shigofumi 3 – A Reason to Die

Signed, Shot, and Delivered

Signed, Shot, and Delivered

This now infamous episode doesn’t deserve its notoriety, or at least its censorship. (I’m curious as to what was modified, actually. Anyone know?) Instead it’s a rather interesting, albeit short, meditation on whether one needs to be depressed in order to commit suicide–and what that implies about how we view death and dying.

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Shigofumi 2–Fly High, Yandere?

First there was Spice and Wolf, now there’s Staff and Post

First there was Spice and Wolf, now there’s Staff and Post

Hmm. In what was undoubtedly an effort to end this mini-arc as efficiently and as circularly as possible, did they skimp a bit on some of Asuna’s emotional development? It’s a tough call for me, because I wasn’t entirely satisfied by the ending even though it covered most of the bases. But this is still undeniably an effective show on the whole, with the most potential out of all the shows this season.

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You know you watch too much anime when… (part 5)

You’ve got mail!

You’ve got mail!

The headline on this CNN story and the story itself makes you think of Shigofumi. In fact, my guess is that the creators of the show were inspired by news stories like this.

You can read the letter here. It’s not exactly from the beyond the grave, though…but now it’s being used as evidence. And I wonder (Shigofumi 1 spoiler here):

Spoilers Show

Michael’s Official Winter 2008 Preview

So…what am I going to be watching next season? I’ve now done this exercise enough that I know the shows I often find interesting from the plot summaries are not necessarily the things I will actually blog about. But here’s what I find eye-catching for the moment. (Information taken primarily from hashihime’s brilliant and useful list. He serves the fan community very well.)

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