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The Japanese government is sending Section 9 to get your ass…

From Anime News Network

Japan Plans to Toughen Copyright Law on Downloads

The Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs will propose amending Japan’s laws to allow copyright holders to request the prosecution of people who download without authorization. Although Japan allows prosecution against people who upload without authorization, it is currently legal to download for private use. People who use file-sharing services that simultaneously download and upload – but were not the original uploaders of the copyrighted material – have not been targeted in the past, but the proposed changes will make the distinction a moot point.

Ray’s take: Don’t be surprised if Section 9 shows up at your door. But do remember to ask Motoko Kusanagi for an autograph. Sell that on ebay for the bail money – my point is that this isn’t going to affect all downloaders in the world except in Japan. Oh hohohohohohoho!

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