So the mafia is getting into the anime pirating business.

From ANN

Italian Police Confiscate 80,000 Pirated Anime DVDs
Italian police charged six people in the central region of Ancona and other areas for copyright violations in mass-producing and selling pirated DVDs and videos of Japanese animation. About 80,000 DVDs and one million euros (about US$1.4 million) were confiscated.

The suspect allegedly produced the pirated DVDs at three plants in the northern city of Bologna and elsewhere, for sale nationwide since 2005. An estimated 300,000 units were sold for three million euros (US$4 million).

Ray’s take: so the some of the family members are watching anime. How nice! Maybe they were watching Gungrave? Damn the police has the balls to bust up a anime mafia operation…Wow, I didn’t know there are anime mafias out there. Instead of using Tommy guns they’ll just hit the police with Neros Gundam

2 thoughts on “So the mafia is getting into the anime pirating business.

  1. I had no idea the mafia was so interested in anime. I figured all the bootlegs were sold by small time guys in Taiwan or Hong Kong. A triad would have made sense, but the mafia? Maybe if they ever make a “Sopranos” movie they can have the family business expand to sell cheap anime to otaku.

  2. It’s odd that this even happened. I can’t even imagine the Mafia giving a f%^k about anime and all.
    BTW, the government in China not so secretly endorses bootleg operation…man…

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