What’s with the MariMite craze?

From ANN

MariMite Pizza Hut Japan Campaign, Fan Disk Announced 

…official website for the Maria-sama ga Miteru high school anime series has announced a Pizza Hut tie-in campaign, an OVA fan disk DVD, a web radio show, and a Comic Market exclusive CD…

…A fourth season was announced in the Japanese magazine Cobalt in July.

Ray’s take: Nope, I’ve never seen this one at all. But if some of you can assure me that it’s as exciting as Strawberry Panic, I’d definitely give it a shot! Or a few shots…Ahem.

And yes, I do have a mountain full of pizza boxes in my home. Time to get rid of that.

3 thoughts on “What’s with the MariMite craze?

  1. Strawberry Panic is merely a dumbed down rip-off of Marimite, so…

    But it has way more overt yuri so if that’s what you liked in it, Marimite might be terribly disappointing. 🙂

  2. So Pizza Hut not only supports the rebellion but Lesbian Catholic schoolgirls as well? I think part of the reason it isn’t Strawberry Panic is that there is more Marimite coming out where sp is pretty much over.

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