Chinese Manga-Inspired Internet Police

From kei-clone of MAL news team:

The Chinese government has decided to use two police officers, one female and one male, drawn “manga-style” to patrol computer screens of Internet users to make sure they are abiding by strict censorship rules.

The man and woman cartoon crime-fighting duo will patrol the screens of Chinese Web surfers, sometimes on foot, sometimes on motorcycle, sometimes in a patrol car and sometimes — in true Chinese style — on bicycles.

The government appears to be using these images to remind users not to deviate from chinese internet use restrictions, and to encourage them to rat out potential violators.

Source: Spiegel Online

Ray’s Take: Well, they already tried to use the thought police and banned Death Note-copycat manga. I’d be very scared to live in China (and Singapore, too) if they ever become cybernetically advanced like Ghost in the Shell. BTW, for the continuation of the Odex story see here.

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