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New Single “Dirty Desire” and New Tour in Early 2010

Ray’s Take: Any real fans out there? I’ve listened to maybe one of her albums in the past but to me, J-pop singers all sound pretty much similar to one another. They have similar voice range even. Of course I’d love to hear any comments on this because I can’t exactly tell singers apart sometimes. In any case, for Eva fans who just want to hear some good J-pop, it seems like she will be touring 10 cities in US.

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  1. Dirty desire… oh dirty desire.. let me fee ya…  no haters ne? Utada’s voice is slightly nasel compared to others, but she’s got great talent. I waited about 13 hours for her Sephora event last time in NYC. I like her Japanese songs more though.

  2. @animemiz – glad to hear a real fan’s opinion. This is my weak area (J-pop) in Japanese culture. I hope the tickets won’t be hard to get!

  3. I am a fan, but by no means.. however, I kinda bow to my other acquaintances more rabid actions.  I was thinking about this earlier, but even my friends tell me I was pretty late on the news. So I got scooped, even though I think I mentioned this news to Mori.

    I believe I dabble in way too many areas… but still I will definitely make a stance to go and grab those tickets.. ^_^

  4. @ animemiz – I see, I guess you’ve become our news source, too, eh? 🙂 I’m thinking she will probably come to the LA area and I’ll be living around there by next year, baby!

  5. Utada is great. A lot of her work has a surprisingly mature tone compared to the rest of her compatriots who are in similar levels of popularity.
    Just want to clarify the most easily misunderstood aspect of ‘j-pop’: j-pop is simply a blanket term for ‘popular music.’ So even polka or opera or jazz and so on can be simply referred to as j-pop…as long as it get’s to a certain degree of popularity and mold.

    Some examples that are considered ‘jpop’ if you’re interested (all female singers since that seems to be what you’re talking about):

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