Bridging The Gap BULLETIN: The Anime Sols Experiment


After what seemed like years since the anime streaming market reached something of a cooling point, the week was aglow with news that there was more than one bold newcomer aboard, ready to challenge the current model in ways few others have yet to venture. As recently mentioned, the Daisuki concept and site represents a bold shift in how anime is ready to be considered and marketed to fans overseas with plenty of recent and even perhaps new series. So when folks at Yomiuri (and the help of some unexpected sources) begin working with many long-heralded anime studios in what is a most ambitious move, it might be best to take heed. Anime Sols has indeed arrived, and by way of a Kickstarter-like streaming model, could be the godsend many fans (young and elder) have been longing for.

Initial rumblings regarding this concept were made a little over a year ago, when Sam Pinansky made an appearance on the Anime News Network’s ANNCast, where he leaked a few tiny details regarding an unprecedented effort on the part of several celebrated anime studios to bring die-hard favorites streaming to the world. By the use of dedicated pledges from fans all over, the vision is to fund a prospective dvd release for each featured series in box sets of 13 episodes, each with their own unique monetary goal. Pinansky has since reappeared on ANNCast as well as AWO this last week with some fun results. Well worth the listen!

For more details as to how it all works..

Having just begun earlier this week, the Anime Sols website is already host to several classic titles long elusive to American fans, including Black Jack TV, Ninja Senshi Tobikage, Yatterman, New Yatterman, Aoi Blink & Creamy Mami!

And more updates are under way.

Not going to water any of this down, I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity for fans to step up. There are worlds of goodness that stateside anime lovers have yet to truly explore, and this is a terrific way to fall in love with a cherished medium all over again.


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