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BAND-MAID Launches “Bestie” with Mike Einziger of INCUBUS

Exciting Collaboration Highlights BAND-MAID’s Global Influence BAND-MAID, the trailblazing Japanese girl band, has released their latest single titled “Bestie,” in collaboration with Mike Einziger of…

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Gacharic Spin: A Transformative Experience at Anime Matsuri 2023

With a familiarity in the realm of brilliant J-Rock performances, I recognize that each show brings its own set of challenges and distinct charm. However,…

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Katsucon 2014 – Lolita Dark Concert

Moritheil and Shizuka went to the live concert of Lolita Dark at this year’s Katsucon 2014. Here’s their report as well as photos!

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Interview: Man With a Mission

We interviewed the band Man With a Mission briefly via email. Find out about their relation to Log Horizon and more!

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Man With A Mission: Live at the Roxy, December 2013

Gendomike attended a live show of Man With a Mission, who are best known for having done the Log Horizon OP “Database.” Did the show rock as hard as promised, wolf masks and all? Read on.

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Porno Graffitti at AX 2013: Photo Gallery

We proudly present some terrific photos (by Shizuka) of the Porno Graffitti concert from Anime Expo 2013! This is the first of three articles about the band; next is the press conference transcript, and finally a full review of the show.

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