Shokotan Endorses Anime Diet

…or at least I got her to hold up a sign saying so at the autograph session! (I also got signatures from the president of Studio Bones, one of my favorite studios.)

Her concert was awesome–the woman can actually sing and has real stage presence–and those costumes, man. Especially when she came out as Rei and sang “Cruel Angel’s Thesis.” This may sound like heresy, but I think she also did a version of “Hare Hare Yukai” at least as good as Hirano Aya at AX last year.

More reports forthcoming in the next few days, as I finish editing the piles of video I’ve collected. Day 1’s video diary is almost complete, with the panel from Day 2 forthcoming and masquerade news on Day 3. Tomorrow is the last day, and is going to mostly devoted to the dealer room.

AX seems so much better run this year than last, and I may actually go to the convention feedback session tomorrow morning…to praise them. Never thought that’d happen, did you?

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  1. There were a total of 3 sessions. Today’s is actually the “open signing” where the first 100 in line get it. The other days, you had to buy official merchandise to get a signing, and a ticket from the panel. I skipped the one on Thursday; they only allowed signing boards (even then, you had to buy a CD or a t-shirt) yesterday, on Saturday.

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