A Taster of Our PMX Coverage…

Here are a few of the fruits of our full-on coverage of Claymore staff, and just a small teaser of our Yukana coverage. Forthcoming, hopefully this week: interview and press conference transcripts for both, as well as the usual video diary. Just like with AX, you know? Only this con was a lot more relaxing on the whole.
Me being stereotypical

Hiroyuki Tanaka, director of Claymore–with a present for me!

Smile, Claymore character designer Takahiro Umehara. You’re on Candid Camera

Ray, Yukana has a present for you!

2 thoughts on “A Taster of Our PMX Coverage…

  1. I’m glad you guys had a fabulous time! We’re excited to see/read your con report soon since we noticed that there were at least four organizations walking around with cameras interviewing people! I hope you guys had a great time with the creators of Claymore.

  2. Thanks, Paula. Look for the first major feature article on PMX this week. We really enjoyed ourselves there, and I’m sure our readers will enjoy our Claymore coverage very much!

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