Day 1 Liveblog: Shokotan Panel

  • 2:07 PM (Mike): Playing a new music video. She’s got really crazy nails in this one too.
  • 2:08 PM (Mike): Shokotan Appears. She’s dressed as Kenshin. Greets us in English
  • 2:11 PM (Mike): Likes the LA weather. Steak too. Talks about the bomb threat at LAX, but it reminded her of a movie.
  • 2:12 PM (Mike): Will judge AX Idol too, and will be dressed at Masquerade. Wants to have a picture taken with cosplayers.
  • 2:15 PM (Mike): coined a word, “giza,” which means “very.” Need to step out for restroom.
  • 2:17 (Matt) the music video for the guren lagaan intro song. holds a guitar but does not play it.
  • 2:21 (Matt) loves septhroth, points out septhoth cosplay.
  • 2:22 (Matt) attenton whore questioner talks and tries to get glory. asks for bruce lee impression does it. a kick in the air.
  • 2:23 (Matt) japanese question: what made you who you are today.
  • 2:25 (Mike) Cosplaying makes her happy.
  • 2:28 (Mike) Does another pose, from “Power Rangers: Time Force.” A big fan of the Pink Ranger.
  • 2:30 (Mike) It really does seem that a lot, a lot of Japanese fans came over here for Shokotan. Very large proportion of questions asked thus far are in Japanese and need translation.
  • 2:31 (Mike) At one point owned 20 cats! “Deep kisses” some of them.
  • 2:33 (Mike) Calls Gurren Lagann theme song “Sorairo Days” her favorite.
  • 2:35 (Mike) First plastic Gundam she ever built was before she ever watched Gundam. Painted it, too. A real otaku!
  • 2:36 (Mike) Her cat tastes sweet, and smells sweet too–especially around the butt
  • 2:36 (Mike) So many nervous fans! They preface all their questions with “I’m so nervous…”
  • 2:40 (Mike) Japanese fan asks Shokotan to do a Rei Ayanami impersonation. And, I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. Almost Hayashibara!
  • 2:41 (Mike) Guy asks whether Hirano Aya gave Shokotan any tips about LA and AX in general. (Whoo boy.)
  • 2:42 (Mike) Didn’t think she was going to AX at all–and she did indeed turn to Aya Hirano first. Aya-chan apparently told her to “eat pizza.” Aya seems to think American fans are helpful, kind, and fashionable. I wonder what Momoi would say…at least about AX staff!
  • 2:45 (Mike) Guy asks what her ideal boyfriend would be. I smirk because I asked a similar question in the junket yesterday. 🙂
  • 2:46 (Mike) Talks about her experience wearing Sailor Moon cosplay. Wants to wear it in her concert on Saturday.
  • 2:47 (Mike) Answers the question about her ideal boyfriend: Vegeta from DBZ! (Gave us the same answer.)
  • 2:49 (Mike) Who is she inspired by as an idol and singer? Favorite is Seiko Matsura; grew up on her music.
  • 2:50 (Mike) What is her favorite genre of video games? Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Pokemon. Recognizes the guy’s favorite game of Guilty Gear.
  • 2:52 (Mike) Thanks from her. Concluding remarks: she was nervous, but put at ease by American fans. Tells us to go to her concert! Will play Gurren Lagann movie theme song there.
  • 2:54 (Mike) Tells us to do a “Hi! Hi! Hi!” chant, a la Kamina from Gurren Lagann
  • 2:55 (Mike) Looks like panel extended for another 15 minutes. Shokotan karaoke?
  • 2:56 (Mike) Gets out in front. About to sing “Sorairo Days.” They start playing the wrong song!
  • 2:57 (Mike) Sings “Sorairo Days” live to karaoke backing track. She isn’t bad at all–actually holds a tune whilst singing live. (Lots of singers can’t.)
  • 3:02 (Mike) Song over. A respectable performance.
  • 3:04 (Mike) Trivia contest for prizes like posters and t-shirts.
  • 3:05 (Mike) Loves watermelon, apparently, as her favorite food.
  • 3:07 (Mike) Goodbye. Promises surprises at her concert.

Author: gendomike

Michael lives in the Los Angeles area, and has been into anime since he saw Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1999. Some of his favorite shows include Full Metal Alchemist, Honey and Clover, and Welcome to the NHK!. Since 2003 he has gone to at least one anime convention every year. A public radio junkie, which naturally led to podcasting, he now holds a seminary degree and is looking to become Dr. Rev. Otaku Bible Man any day now. Michael can be reached at You can also find his Twitter account at @gendomike.

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  1. I wanted to go ._.

    Did you have a press badge? If so, did you just get the press ticket from the press office upstairs in West Hall?

  2. @omo: thanks.

    @IcyStorm: I do have a press badge, as well as 3 other members of my team. We got our press tickets for the AMV Contest that morning, and we didn’t have to wait in nearly as long a line as a result, and got good seats. (Main event tickets are only available on the day of the event.) The press room is 514.

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