Day 1 Liveblog: Shokotan Panel

  • 2:07 PM (Mike): Playing a new music video. She’s got really crazy nails in this one too.
  • 2:08 PM (Mike): Shokotan Appears. She’s dressed as Kenshin. Greets us in English
  • 2:11 PM (Mike): Likes the LA weather. Steak too. Talks about the bomb threat at LAX, but it reminded her of a movie.
  • 2:12 PM (Mike): Will judge AX Idol too, and will be dressed at Masquerade. Wants to have a picture taken with cosplayers.
  • 2:15 PM (Mike): coined a word, “giza,” which means “very.” Need to step out for restroom.
  • 2:17 (Matt) the music video for the guren lagaan intro song. holds a guitar but does not play it.
  • 2:21 (Matt) loves septhroth, points out septhoth cosplay.
  • 2:22 (Matt) attenton whore questioner talks and tries to get glory. asks for bruce lee impression does it. a kick in the air.
  • 2:23 (Matt) japanese question: what made you who you are today.
  • 2:25 (Mike) Cosplaying makes her happy.
  • 2:28 (Mike) Does another pose, from “Power Rangers: Time Force.” A big fan of the Pink Ranger.
  • 2:30 (Mike) It really does seem that a lot, a lot of Japanese fans came over here for Shokotan. Very large proportion of questions asked thus far are in Japanese and need translation.
  • 2:31 (Mike) At one point owned 20 cats! “Deep kisses” some of them.
  • 2:33 (Mike) Calls Gurren Lagann theme song “Sorairo Days” her favorite.
  • 2:35 (Mike) First plastic Gundam she ever built was before she ever watched Gundam. Painted it, too. A real otaku!
  • 2:36 (Mike) Her cat tastes sweet, and smells sweet too–especially around the butt
  • 2:36 (Mike) So many nervous fans! They preface all their questions with “I’m so nervous…”
  • 2:40 (Mike) Japanese fan asks Shokotan to do a Rei Ayanami impersonation. And, I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. Almost Hayashibara!
  • 2:41 (Mike) Guy asks whether Hirano Aya gave Shokotan any tips about LA and AX in general. (Whoo boy.)
  • 2:42 (Mike) Didn’t think she was going to AX at all–and she did indeed turn to Aya Hirano first. Aya-chan apparently told her to “eat pizza.” Aya seems to think American fans are helpful, kind, and fashionable. I wonder what Momoi would say…at least about AX staff!
  • 2:45 (Mike) Guy asks what her ideal boyfriend would be. I smirk because I asked a similar question in the junket yesterday. 🙂
  • 2:46 (Mike) Talks about her experience wearing Sailor Moon cosplay. Wants to wear it in her concert on Saturday.
  • 2:47 (Mike) Answers the question about her ideal boyfriend: Vegeta from DBZ! (Gave us the same answer.)
  • 2:49 (Mike) Who is she inspired by as an idol and singer? Favorite is Seiko Matsura; grew up on her music.
  • 2:50 (Mike) What is her favorite genre of video games? Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Pokemon. Recognizes the guy’s favorite game of Guilty Gear.
  • 2:52 (Mike) Thanks from her. Concluding remarks: she was nervous, but put at ease by American fans. Tells us to go to her concert! Will play Gurren Lagann movie theme song there.
  • 2:54 (Mike) Tells us to do a “Hi! Hi! Hi!” chant, a la Kamina from Gurren Lagann
  • 2:55 (Mike) Looks like panel extended for another 15 minutes. Shokotan karaoke?
  • 2:56 (Mike) Gets out in front. About to sing “Sorairo Days.” They start playing the wrong song!
  • 2:57 (Mike) Sings “Sorairo Days” live to karaoke backing track. She isn’t bad at all–actually holds a tune whilst singing live. (Lots of singers can’t.)
  • 3:02 (Mike) Song over. A respectable performance.
  • 3:04 (Mike) Trivia contest for prizes like posters and t-shirts.
  • 3:05 (Mike) Loves watermelon, apparently, as her favorite food.
  • 3:07 (Mike) Goodbye. Promises surprises at her concert.

4 thoughts on “Day 1 Liveblog: Shokotan Panel

  1. I wanted to go ._.

    Did you have a press badge? If so, did you just get the press ticket from the press office upstairs in West Hall?

  2. @omo: thanks.

    @IcyStorm: I do have a press badge, as well as 3 other members of my team. We got our press tickets for the AMV Contest that morning, and we didn’t have to wait in nearly as long a line as a result, and got good seats. (Main event tickets are only available on the day of the event.) The press room is 514.

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