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Keeping score at Insane Manga 18+ panel

For me, no matter what sort of conventions that I have been able to attend, I always make time to attend panels. Because for me attending panels often is a matter of wanting to learn topics, and or see what was discussed. Call it the student in me. I often leave the panel with notes and plenty of thoughts on “Oooh these titles I should see!” or “I didn’t know that this was such a title.” or “Why didn’t they discuss this?” and among other thoughts. Each panel that I attended was well attended with people. Now to sum up the panels I was able to head to.

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Recommending in spite of technical difficulties

15 Recommended Manga for Grown Ups

Outside of the Manga Library, there weren’t as much manga programming at AnimeNEXT, so I made the most of it, since I enjoy manga topics. This was hosted by Xan (@spiraken) from Spiraken’s Manga Podcast. It was also unavoidable that there were technical difficulties, so instead of a handy projector, and microphone. Xan had none, so it turned into an informal presentation where he showed his small laptop screen to a packed room. As with other panels of a similar nature Xan made recommendations that would inevitably lead to other titles being thrown in there. Manga in Japan has had long runs, so based on how English publications have been for mangas many of these titles have been incomplete or published in a condensed mis-matched order. What I like about this panel was the mention of “obscure” publishers like Fanfare. However I was also reminded that panels like this is ultimately relying heavily on the panelist’s experience, so this is not the definitive list for adult readers. The following is a long list of what titles were mentioned in Xan’s panel.

Disappearance Diary · Moyashimon tales of agriculture · Battle Angel Alita · Drops of God · MPD Psycho · Monster · Sanctuary · Ooku The Inner Chamber · Detroit Metal City · Great Teacher Onizuka · Black Lagoon · Golgo 13 · Hellsing · Bio Mega · Wounded man · Path of the Assassin · Samurai Executioner · Lone Wolf & Cub · Lady Snowblade · Book of Human Insects · Adolf · Black Jack · Phoenix · Swallowing The Earth · MW · Ode To Kirihito · With The Light · Solanin · Honey & Clover · Genshiken · Ghost In The Shell · Red Eyes (non-English) · Sommeliere (non-English) · Bartender (non-English) · Mail · Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service · Pluto · Homunculus (non-English) · Old Boy · Eagle · Mushishi · Sengoku Basara · Golden Boy (non-English) · You’re Under Arrest · Gokusen (non-English) · Guin Saga · Blade of the Immortal · Lupin III · Kaiji (non-English) · Freesia

Painting of Tanuki with Big Balls

Youkai Nation

This was a panel run by Charles Dunbar (@studyofanime) and is a follow up of his Youkai panel in the previous years. As far as I know Charles is always changing up his panels, and they are always interesting ones showcasing his education, and pretty much throwing his research at the audience. I would never want to encounter the horrors mentioned in Charles’s panels, but watching anime that mention youkai has been a bit of an interest of mine. Not every day that I hear of the Japanese being a superstitious society.

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Evan talking about Adaptations in Anime and Manga

Adaptations in Anime/Manga

This was run by Evan Minto of AniGamers. This panel was about  various source material or spin offs that can occur with adapting it into other media. There are advantages and disadvantages. At this time, the trend for many anime is the usage of light novels as a source material. It is rare to see adaptions in manga to manga, but Kingyo’s Used Book is an example of such a scenario. Adaptations to manga from an existing anime is usually not great. Live action Hollywood adaptation have tanked, and what was coincidental was that over the weekend there was also a roasting viewing of the live action Dragon Ball Z done by Kyle Hebert.

Fanthropology Forum

This was an open room discussion, moderated by Charles Dunbar with participation from Evan Minato and Ink from AniGamers. There were many thoughts about this topic, but one repeated comment is compared with Sci-fic or comic conventions, this (U.S) industry is too young, and it imports another culture products. Many people at this time won’t be having that much spending money, but with time. A possibility in purchasing power?

Style and Subsence 50 years of Anime Openings

This was a panel ran by Charles. As I tweeted, there were audience members that treated this panel as a karaoke experience, due to personal familiarity of the anime and opening song. Another panel that I made it to of this similar nature with Alex Leavitt’s back in Anime Boston 2011. The openings were split into categories of Chronology,  Atmosphere, Character and Narrative, Music and Style, WTF? and Filler Arc. Speaking with Charles afterwards, he mentioned that this was a fluid panel, easily amended and changed. Anime openings has multiple meanings, and under the broad umbrella of anime, what type of openings can fit for you under these defined category?

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Underrated Anime Titles

This panel was not advertised or announced in the programming, so attending this panel was a comfortable crowd. Sensei, The Insatiable Critic with a friend ran this panel. There were technical difficulties at this panel that was unlike what I experience with Xan’s panel. This panel spoke about anime titles that were not as well marketed in the United States, and may have slipped under the radar for people. Heat Guy J and Saint Seiya were among those that were mentioned by the panelists. Toward the end of the panel, people were able to chime in with their thoughts as to what they believed were underrated series.

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The Insane Manga Challenge 18+

This was quite the fun panel for me. Ran by Xan (@spiraken), he tested audience members in terms of manga knowledge. I got the chance to assist in handing out tickets and keeping score. Though by the latter end of the panel, I just got into being an enthusiastic audience member. Due to sexual and adult subject matter, this panel was carded at the door, and there were three rounds, with two overtime rounds. It became pretty 18+ silly toward the end, but overall it was an enjoyable game. Toward the end also Evan and Ink of AniGamers also became contestants, Evan swept the game, but a stumper or a comic point was the adult keywords and numbers that was added/changed every question and answer. Jan-Ken-Pon was also used toward the end as a buzzer option, when two or more people wanted to answer.

Beyond Castles, Forests and Houses: Philosophy in the Works of Hayao Miyazaki

After a couple of years of knowing Charles, and missing this panel for the past couple of conventions. I finally got to wet my feet and experience Charles talking about Hayao Miyazaki. Understanding about Miyazaki’s life and contribution is not new to me, but to watch it presented by a good speaker was great. I was able to be entertained by this video that was shown toward the end of the panel. Combined with music and a matter of re-ordering events in Totoro, it turns this into a thrilling/predator feature.

Thus this ends my panel hopping for AnimeNEXT 2012. Remember to check out a portion of my photos uploaded at AD’s Flickr account.

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