AX2013 Premiere: The Garden of Words, Yukino is the beautifulest cougar ever for school boys


Narukami no…

Man, since I left Japan with bitterness, failure to get any skinship, I’ve become an atheist. Karma, reincarnation, resurrection, afterlife, pure land, New Age spiritualism, they sounded all BS to me. Religions are an extension of ugly reality just to support the status quo. Happy couples, or riajuu, always say, “We’re predestined to be together.” Or “We were together in the past life. That’s why it meant to be together in this life too.” Totally BS. Why should I interact with samsara, such ugly world like 3D (= capitalism)? Everything in this world seemed ugly, until I saw the masterpiece by the genius Makoto Shinaki at AX2013.


Oh my gosh. Ahh, so beautiful. The scene of rain, projected on a huge screen with a Blue-ray disc on PS3, just took my breath away. And ohhh, Yukino, a 27  years old intellectual career woman under a gazebo, oh no, she is the divine, I mean, the ideal beauty of Japanese. Sublime at first sight. Perfection. Yes, Yamato-nadeshiko (Japanese beauty) as if that word was invented solely for her. I’ve never seen a woman this attractive and sexy. Her silhouette is so Japanese. Not glamourous or voluptuous like Latin girls with prominent T&A, especially the @ss like Kardashian’s (well, she’s Armenian), Yukino is so slim, yes, thin, and slender. In fact, Japan is the thinnest country in the world. Only 5% of the population is obese. That’s pretty impressive. And Yukino has a small face, and that balances with not so assertive hip, but still has humble feminine quality of curve, and this humbleness is sexy, yes beautiful, have you been to Cha-ya (tea house)? Yes, that kind of the same humbleness that Yukino’s body has, and her oppai, humble too, but has beautiful shape, and sticking out the browse, humble but firm expression. She is the embodiment of wabi-sabi. Yes, it’s more of the shape rather than the size. America is always about the size, the size matters the most in America, supersize me! Gus-guzzler cars are the worst examples, destruction of the environment, but her slenderness, and wonderfully smooth long legs, and of course beautiful feet! Yes, this is the foot fetish anime! I sometimes think Japanese girls are too skinny. To be honest I love more of voluptuous bodies like Latin chicks. But, this slenderness is just exquisite.


She has a short hair that bares her unaji (nape), oh sexy, perfect for yukata, and bared shoulder blades are just sexy as hell. I almost forgot about Japanese beauty since I’ve lived in America for so long.

Yukata is ideal for exposed sexy nape, Chris from Steins:Gate
Yukata is ideal for exposed sexy nape, Chris from Steins:Gate

Ah, my goddess! Oh, she is a bit evil, twists a 15 year old boy around her little finger. She is 12 years older than Takao! Yes, Takao becomes a mitsugu-kun (sucker that blindly supply goods or buys stuff for a girl), the term widespread during the bubble era (1986 – 1992) in Japan. But, as a 15 years old, what can he do? He can’t buy expensive jewels or expensive Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton bags. Make sandwiches, that’s all he can do. Poor Takao. And, this devilish woman Yukino, how can she make a 15 year old boy her mitsugu-kun? Man, a full grown up 27 years old woman is toying this poor 15 years old boy! I’m so annoyed! The bubble economy is already over a long time ago, so I thought all mitsugu-kuns have completely disappeared, but a 15 year old boy mitsugu-kun is right here! So, this is the new type of Mitsugu-kun, post-bubble mitsugu-kun! Yup, this poor mitsugu-kun, making sandwiches to her, almost everyday during rainy season. Yes, rainy season is called “Tsuyu” in Japanese, or “plum rain.” 梅雨 (Tsuyu). Ahh, I miss rain so much, lived in SoCal just too long. Oh yes, that’s when sexual activity rises because can’t go out and have fun.


Ah, the way she twirls her hair, gosh, I don’t know how Takao could hold himself together… I would have fainted on the spot. Very very feminine action, waving her hand at him, waiting under the gazebo and when she sees him coming, then she twirls her hair like, “Hey baby, I was waiting for you~” She is flirting with you! Who can resist that! Darn. Oh, jeez! I feel all these tingles in my chest, so ticklish. I gotta make sandwich for her! Forget about shoes! Man, it’s hard to resist, I have to check my bank account with my smartphone everyday. Even a 15 year old boy making sandwiches to her. Man, a boy like me could spend all the hard earned money in a second. Yeah, she is that dangerous, totally devilish, the way she looks at you, oh no, she’s beautiful, but too beautiful that makes her even scary.


That scene, when Yukino lends her feet as a shoe model for this aspiring shoemaker, and when Takao looks up to her, ah, as if worshiping a goddess. Just exquisite…speechless…I’m also an aspiring lyricist, so can she lend me her lips? So, I can write a love song to her…

I thought Plato’s theory of beauty was full of BS. But now, watching this film and awed by Yukino, yes, she is the ideal beauty that Plato was talking about! I have to make shoes (or lyrics, or sandwich) in order to reach this beauty! To reach her, to have skinship, unite with her!

How I wish I was a 15 years old boy, secretly trysting with Yukino. The haven of just two of them at the gazebo during rain…so saudade, or sehnsucht. Man, she is the ideal that all school boys dream, since mentally I’m still 17! This makes me cougaritariat from proletariat.

LONG LIVE, Cougaritarian heroes!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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  1. “Yes, Yamato-nadeshiko (Japanese beauty) as if that word was invented solely for her.”

    No pun intended, right? 😀

    I’m a cougaritariat too! Bimajo banzai!

    1. LOL, yeah, nobody is sexier than bimajo. Bimajo, banzai!!!!

      Gotta sing Sinatra song at karaoke, “Have you met Miss Yukino?”

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