Interview with a beautiful Cosplayer (coser)

(Editor’s note: thanks to Apurikotto Waffle, I know now the character’s Clare from Magna Carta 2. See pic below)

Hi all! I did some random interviews and a couple of planned interviews. This one was random. I was walking by MangaGamer’s booth when I spotted this beautiful gal. So on impulse, I interviewed her. I should’ve asked her to spell her name for me. I think I heard: “Evin Fong.” She was in the AX 2010 Masquerade/cosplay competition. In any case, enjoy this little gem of guerilla interview from Ray!

Interview with Coser Evin from Ray Hu on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Interview with a beautiful Cosplayer (coser)

  1. Well, I see you were doing your best, Ray, at this interviewing thing, but I wanted to point out one glaring point you missed. Next time you interview someone of her caliber… GET A FREAKING NUMBER!! If not for you, then for me. 🙂

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