AX Video Diary, Day 1: In the Waiting Line (FIXED!)

This is a first for me, personally: an actual video diary of what’s going on at AX! I plan to do one for each of the four days of the con. It also incorporates plenty of interviews with fans about various funny things; in this one, I ask about their con experiences and the longest lines they’ve ever been in. (I have some even better ones from the ones I recorded today, but you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see them!)This is Youtube, where you can only post 10 minutes max, so this 15 minute video is split in two. Enjoy!

(The audio in part 2 is finally fixed. Hooray!)


3 thoughts on “AX Video Diary, Day 1: In the Waiting Line (FIXED!)

  1. Movie lines are understandably longer because after a set number of people go in and fill the theatre, the rest have to wait a fixed 2-3 hour period while the movie runs before the next group can go.

    Of course .. if the original 1977 Star Wars is the only movie to have people waiting that long like that, then yeah, you still have your point.

  2. As you said at the end, chatting with people do make lines go faster. Nice job on this though, really interesting and fun to watch and see the horror of lines 😛 and not know where to go. (which I did while waiting in line for the Wii)

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