ADV Panel Liveblog

11:16 AM: They are starting late, as per AX tradition.

11:19AM: preliminary Q&A.

  • More original stuff in the works for ADV. No outside submissions.

11:23 AM: new title announcements.

  • Makoto Shinkai’s Byousoku 5 cm. Showing tonight at 11:30 PM and 1 AM at a nearby theater.
  • Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora (Kyoshiro and the Eternal Sky). Wordless trailer, which fails to redeem a show we MST3k’d. 🙂
  • Gurren Lagann. Big cheer from the crowd.
  • Devil May Cry. More cheers, not as big as for Gurren Lagann. They sure snapped this one up fast.

11:35 AM: the real Q&A.

  • Somebody asks what they will do with the remake of Eva and whether they will reform the original dub cast if they do. Matt Greenfield is non-committal.
  • What happened to the Evangelion live-action project? Apparently it’s just taking a while, and no dates are given.
  • How do they pick the titles for licensing? From fan feedback mostly, at cons, online, etc.
  • What about bringing over light novels? The translators are too busy right now.
  • Lots of Air questions.
  • Very strong hint that they have licensed other Key Animation works (Kanon 2006?). Pay attention to other con announcements?
  • Re:Cutie Honey currently not for sale by Gainax.
  • Why has ADV’s turnaround time gone down? Creators and licensors in Japan are struggling with piracy.
  • Are they going to use the voice actors from the game of Devil May Cry? Too early to say; need to talk to Capcom.
  • Will they change “Gao” in Air to “Grr”? No. (I think–couldn’t hear well.)
  • Voice acting is a tough business. Even tougher than regular acting because it’s specialized.
  • Last question: do they have the rights to use the full song on Air? They have the rights to everything.

That’s it! Thanks everyone. Screening of DMC tomorrow, Byousoku tonight.

4 thoughts on “ADV Panel Liveblog

  1. Damn, they sure are fast getting DMC, though it isn’t really much of an interesting title for me.

    Gurren-Lagann licensing is BIG news.
    Didn’t expect ADV to get it though…

  2. Licensing DMC was/is a no brainer. You have a built in audience of people who have literally grown up with Dante.

    Since the game has a broad appeal for both anime and non-anime fans alike, it’s a sure thing as far selling it to the North American market.

    Gurren Lagann was a surprise only because I didn’t think it would be licensed this soon. But it is a Gainix property after all and given ADV’s whoring of another popular Gainax series — can you say Evangelion? — it would make sense.

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