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AX Floor Report: Monday

Typed in the corridor of the convention center, outside the Open Autograph signing room

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, everyone. It looks like the video stuff will take longer to get working than I thought, so it will appear throughout the week rather than a day after like I originally planned. So everyone I told that it would appear in a day or two: apologies! It will appear very soon and you will see your faces in good time. I got tons of great interviews.

I’ve been running to and fro to lots of different things, especially in the futile quest to get a signature from Hirano Aya–talk about elusive…I met a guy who actually did get one. He was one of the 50 people who bought a limited edition box set which put him in the pool of eligibility; they only did 100 signatures total. I got sketches from the director and character designer of Death Note instead, which, at least, will make Jeremy very happy. 🙂

Some other unorganized thoughts about the con:

Time to head to the dealer room–for the first time! (Yes, I was that busy the past few days.) Then on to the Anime Genesis podcast panel, and then that’s it for AX 2007.

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