The Aya-chan you missed at AX…

Here’s Aya-chan at a mini-concert/event singing Haruhi’s OP in Japan.

Her beautiful and vulnerable self on display (or her closest mental breakdown)?



Here’s the downloadable version:

Aya at a mini-event singing the OP Haruhi Suzumiya


How our hearts would break if she were to wilt.




7 thoughts on “The Aya-chan you missed at AX…

  1. Impz – what the heck exactly is a “Mob blob”? 😀 It sounds rather depersonalizing. But she’s the moe goddess all right. My partner in crime, however, thought that Aya looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown. I just thought: “aww, there, there, little girl.” 😛

  2. Lenners – yeah, poor girl. When I saw the clip I just wanted to pet her head and buy her some ice cream.

  3. Am I the only one who sees something, well, a little ominous with her reaction? It really does seem less like tears of happiness and joy and more like breakdown due to stress. I was actually a little shocked more than touched.

    I could tell that despite her perkiness in the SOS Brigade event on Saturday at AX, she was clearly nervous and a bit frantic at times. It must be tough to have your star risen so fast, let alone visit another country whose language you don’t speak but where everyone seems to know your name and work. I hope she can persevere under the severe strain that celebrity puts on anyone. There’s a reason why celebrities tend to either be assholes or self-made people–you can get eaten alive otherwise.

  4. Mike – I usually have a difficult time telling if people are hurting or not. I really don’t know if she’s breaking down or not. She did say something about everyday she tries really hard. Maybe she just needed someone to talk to. Gosh, poor thing. Japanese really need to stop working their entertainers to death. She was in and out of the hospital twice already. I think she needs a break from work. But, she looked so cute especially when she cried and whined a little.

  5. Mike – look again. You’re overreacting because of your AX experience seeing her live. She didn’t go really nervous breakdown or anything near it in anyway. She’s an emotional person, that’s all. Once, when Hisakawa Aya bumped into her in the hallway (they see each other in recording studios often, Hisakawa Aya told her that: “Oh! I remember you, because we have the same first names.” Aya was so touched she cried. She often tried to see how the other Aya and Kotono voice acts. Also, in another video, where Aya-chan tried out various anime voices, she said she liked Sailor Mars, and she did Sailor Mars’ voice! Moe! I loved Sailor Mars!!! But, Aya-chan does need a rest…

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