Welcome to Hatsune Theme Park…(read: welcome to freakiness)!

From Mainichi News Japan‘s web site (thanks to ANN for the heads up)

Live Action and live-sized Hatsune Miku!

Yeah she’s smiling permanently…

Ray’s take: Um…How about, HOLY SHIT THAT”S FREAKY! Man, Disney characters look all right because their head to body portions are OK, but having a real person wearing an anime character-like head but having her (his?) own body below just doesn’t look right, not to mention downright creepy, at least for me…Oh, you found her simply adorable and you think nothing’s wrong here? Well, O K…I think I’ll go sit over there in the cyberspace, execuse me…

P.S. No I didn’t forget the dude dressed up as a deer (?), but he stunned me into speechlessness…

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Hatsune Theme Park…(read: welcome to freakiness)!

  1. I see…But the person’s body is still his or her own, rather than a costume that’ll make everything look more even. I just think in animation and drawings having a person with a huge head and a rather small body is cute, but in real life…?

  2. It’s called anime-gao. You put on a zentai suit, put on your costume, and add a mask.

    Creepy? Yes.

    Awesome? Also yes.

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