Sir Sid and Sir Johnny are coming to get you BL lovers!

From Saishin Anime Jōhō via ANN –

The date for the release of the 2-Volume OVA for Sex Pistols manga has been decided

Gorgeous limited as well as normal editions will be on sale.

Original character “Hoikushi” will appear (CV Yusa Koji).

Ray’s Take: Uh…Well, it’s called “Love Pistols” in the US…Um…Is that like Ai Shafts? Or Grand Swords? Or Mister Rods? Oh I got one -Speartus Longinus…

Moving on…

2 thoughts on “Sir Sid and Sir Johnny are coming to get you BL lovers!

  1. I suppose just as with Midori no Hibi conflicted with the band name Green Day, and was thus translated Midori Days, Sex Pistols would conflict with the British punk band which it refers to.  Love Pistols is just comical, though.

    1. @ moritheil – “Love Pistols” is akin to a porn title for men to watch. This manga is BL stuff and is potential masturbatory material for women so the US version name is really unsuitable for that purpose…
      Well, maybe some female readers may like to have “Love Pistols”?
      Midori Days is actually not that bad, considering the story can be explained in terms of Midori spending her days as…Hand puppet, Thumbalina, Rosy Palm, Fistina…Well, you know.

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