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The Fun starts with Naked Loli

From Nebs Blog

Funi began streaming the series last weekend with the first two episodes, but it wasn’t until this weekend that we got to find out if they were truly going to stream the true unedited version.

Ray’s Take: Wow, they acquired DBZ and got themselves a solid fan boy audience for shonen action soap drama, and now they’re going to hook up another fan boy audience for loli service. You know, these guys know how to run the US anime business! Now if they can just fend off all the conservatives…

I can hear some people chanting once more: “Go to Loli T&A! Go to Loli T&A!” It will be followed by secondary fap I mean fire storms heard around the world!

UPDATE: Funimation took the nake episodes down and put up EDITED version.

UPDATE #2: Funimation promises uncensored DVD and any future Uncensored Download to Own versions.

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