Sukesuke: Mangaka san to Assistant san to.

nurenureSukesuke is a word for transparency. Yes, especially, when female underwear are transparent by external force, flipped glass of tea and splashed on Ashisu-san’s browse, and bra got transparent. Oh yes, erotical part suddenly shows up with unintended consequence.

Yes, moeticality is chirarism, chirari is “glance.” Yes, or tease. Chirari, skirt lift up in a sec and then you see afterimage of pantsu subliminally, and that drives eroticism. Oh yes, a little tease drives otaku crazy. This manga artist wants to draw girl’s pantsu, but he discovers ultimate eroticism, that he doesn’t need to draw even chirarism, Yes, chirarism is also panchira or “pantsu + chirari.” That is pantsu-chira. He used to be a panchirarist, but now he doesn’t draw even panchira, totally not drawn will make people imagine what pantsu she is wearing. Totally the more hidden the more imagination, more pervertedness. The more you hide, the more we want to know. So, it’s ironic. It’s inverse proportion. So, censorship, obscenity regulation, Miller’s test, all these are just contributing to Caligura’s effect.

pantsuThe first clause of Sila of Buddhism for monks is “don’t have sex with girls.” Yes, I would think ahimsa (don’t kill) will be the first, but suppressing sexual urge is the top priority in Buddhism. And this is called “brahmacharya.” But, see how many monks have failed. Joudoshinshu school was started by un-monked Buddhist named Shinran. His sin was marrying a woman. Yes, monk rules are so strict, and that made Buddhist monks go crazy over shouta in Japan, just like what’s happening right now in Roman Catholic church right now. Censorship creates more perversion.

And this mangaka is using that same effect. Censorship, not drawing any pantsu actually makes people imagine more perverted stuff. We want to see what is under because that’s natural. Human isn’t born with hair like apes, so naked is default.

According to KLK, clothing is sin. Labor is sin. Eating apple caused men to wear clothing. Men hide genital with clothing. Clothing is result of original sin. Also labor is result of sin, it’s penalty. Yes, clothing is prisoner’s uniform and labor is involuntary servitude, slavery, labor, childbearing is also labor because it is agony. Labor is pain, clothing is pain, it’s enchainment.

worldisclothingWhy are we so attracted to young female body? Because it’s unsinful. It’s free of sin. To get skinship with girls is to liberate ourselves from sin. We want to experience freedom. But experiencing freedom directly is crime. So, proxy is used.clothingissinPantsu is proxy, because it’s based on contagious magic advocated by Sir James George Frazer. Pantsu has skinship with girls, so that pantsu becomes valuable, so indirect skinship. Sailor Uniform that a girl wear becomes really valuable, because it becomes an object of desire, yes, fetishism, indirect skinship, and that becomes a symbol. Yes, after worn, pantsu becomes part of her, pantsu is “hers.” So, touching her pantsu becomes indirect skinship.

Yes, something that we can’t touch, we can’t have skinship, that becomes holy, so only extension is admitted to touch. It’s like girls craving for Elvis’ towels, and fans at L’arc concert asking for lolipops.

So, in order to prevent these mangaka artists, we all should be naked. Otherwise, our imagination gets wilder and eventually turns incontainable.pantsu1Yes, clothing is world. Clothing is samsara. It’s attachment. Attached to your body, clothing is yours. Pantsu is hers. It’s her possession. So, touching her possession or her property (pantsu or bra) is touching her indirectly. But without permission, can’t lay finger on. So, clothing is the world we can’t break into or break out from. That’s why Jainaism practices non-clothing, or aparigraha, or no-pan (no-pantsu). Or haitenai (not wearing), totally liberation. Yes, Birth of Venus. That’s totally liberation.swimsuitsYes, free from clothing, free from possession, free from censorship. Censorship creates more thin books (usui-hon or erotic doujin manga). Why otaku are peverts? Or gentlemen called “perverts”? Because we want freedom, and this freedom should be granted in the land of free. But, so far, no freedom I experienced, thus disillusioned with a country of Obama and go to 2D world, playing dating sim.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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