Silver Spoon final eposide, full of responsibility


Ah, already over? How can that be? The final episode already…

Darn, so sad. Saudade. This type of slice of life occupational anime ended? Ahh, too sad, I really liked Silver Spoon.

Mikage, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mikage-san…I didn’t know she was interested in Hachiken as well. I wasn’t sure if Mikage liked Hachiken. I know Hachiken has a little crush on her, but seems his feeling is not that strong. Yeah, busy with real life school works already. But Mikage didn’t show any sign of interest towards Hachiken. But now it’s obvious that she likes him! Daaaaarrrrnnn! So, I don’t know when she started to like Hachiken. When she invited him to her house? “You want to come over to my house? My parents are away.” I totally misinterpret that line. Oh yes, her family just needs labor force, that’s what I thought initially, but my interpretation was right!

Yup, her farming family needs heirs. And Aki is an only child, so her family, except for her dad, is looking for a groom to inherit the farm business. O-muko-san (groom) is what they need, to make children to inherit. Farmers tend to have more siblings, but I guess only-child is getting more common even in the countryside of Japan. So ironic that China has only-child policy, but Japan is thinking about two-child policy. Joining TPP would end farm subsidies. But Japan probably got to have child subsidies. Japan, otherwise, with too many old people, will crumble. France has subsidies for making children. PACS (civil union in France) is to promote child birth, s0 France supports raising kids as a nation. Yup, Europe and Japan, even Russia, the population is decreasing. Once the colonial masters, except for USA, will be gone in the next few centuries if we don’t do something.


Anyway, when Mikage invited Hachiken to her house, she must have liked Hachiken already. That Yoshino incident. The gossip spread by Tokiwa (Connie Springer), that Hachiken and Yoshino are going to get married, because he overheard Yoshino is saying to Hachiken, “I got pregnant. You better take responsibility.” That was a comedy gold. Dekichatta literally means, “it was made unexpectedly,” but in slang term, “I got pregnant.” So, dekichatta kekkon (marriage because of unintended pregnancy). And also, nothing was going on between them, but suddenly they got into unexpected sexual relationships, probably got drunk at a party and had sex, not necessarily pregnant, and then the girl will still demand, “Hey, you made me have sex with you. You better take responsibility (=You must marry me.).” And when Mikage overheard that pregnant marriage rumor, she got shocked and dropped the chalkboard eraser. That was, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, she likes Hachiken!” The first time I saw a concrete slum dunk, no room for misinterpretation. I was like, “ghuaaaa, buhiiiii!” Instantly turned into a moe pig.


And also, that kokuhaku incident. During lunch break, a girl from other class makes a confession to Hachiken while everyone is watching.

Kokuhaku (confession)?

Yes, but she just wanted to ask if Hachiken can sell pork to her. But Mikage drops a croquette from her chop sticks. And her friends point it out to her, “Aki, you just dropped your croquette.”

Mikage drops a crockette! Ahhh, so cute!

I was like, “Ohhhh my Gosh!” My whole brain cells were instantly fired up with electric shock. Flag raised! “She likes him!!!” Ahh, just cute. That’s what moe pigs are looking for, the heroine turns into a choroine! Choroine (choroi “easy to fall in love” + heroine). But she does really a good job not showing any romantic interest toward Hachiken. She can be a CIA agent, even pass through polygraph testing! I couldn’t tell it until she got agitated by that responsibility incident. Girls are really good at hiding a skeleton in the closet!

But the best responsibility joke, that was of course Free! When Rei got scouted by Nagisa of the school swimming team, he said to Nagisa, “Nagisa-senpai, since you are the one made me quit the track team and join the swimming team, you better take responsibility.” I mean, when did he get pregnant! That was hilarious. So many responsibility jokes. Valvrave also had one.

I just think Mikage is cute, her personality is very lively and open, and kind too. And horse-riding…nothing is sexier than that, bishojo on top. And Mikage got a nice curve and also a tight derriere. Maybe I should move to Hokkaido and fall in love with a farm girl. Yes, an idyllic girl! The embodiment of idyll (idilio) besides Krista Lenz! I have been made to fall for Mikage, so I expect her to take responsibility. Malcolm X said, “Nobody is responsible but the United States government.” But I will say, “Nobody is responsible but Mikage Aki!”

Girls who’ve turned me down made me into a kimo-ota, so they should have taken responsibility. But sadly, a lot of them got married to other dudes, yeah, they avoid responsibility as usual, very typical of 3D girls. So, the only girls I can expect to take responsibility are 2D girls…

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