Anime USA 2013: Charity Auction

Anime USA Charity Auction remains the highlight on Sunday. The Freer and Sackler Galleries are the named receipients of the proceeds this year. It was a blast last year and no different this time around.

Well, there is one huge difference. I went broke -_-

A notable gesture of kindness occurred early in the event. When a signed DJ SiSen tee went on the block, a group of three girls, claiming to have just arrived bankrupt from both Artist Alley and Dealer’s Room, squealed only to cry in dismay. An older gentleman easily outbid them. The atmosphere in the room changed as a dark cloud formed over the girls in their disappointment. But it was very short-lived.

“Pick your size,” the auctioneer said to the girls.

“But he won…” I was as confused as the girls.

“He just gave it to you,” came the reply.

A thunderous applause immediately followed before I could grasp what just unfolded. The gentleman had placed the bid with the intention of raising more money and nothing more. The girls ran across the room and hugged the gentleman with incredulous delight. This grand gesture would set the tone for the rest of the auction. Said gentleman would also turn out to be my arch nemesis.snes

One of the showcase items was a SNES. Included in the box are controllers, a video adapter, Mario Paint, Zelda, a six month warranty and a guarantee that the system works. I believe the gentleman took that home for over the reserved price of $200.

Other items of interest included an Otakon Vegas tee from the future, otakonmaster badges for all membership types (such as back stage) that all badges are made from, a sleepover involving four ponies (do ask), a signed single from Koda Kumi who apparently stopped by the con, and AUSA mascot costumes from the previous three years.

All three of which the gentleman outbid me on. And no, he did not gift me anything ;_; He and others did make a few more gifts during the auction. Much joy was had.

BACK-ON is entirely responsible for destroying my wallet. They generously donated various items of which AUSA divided into four packages for bidding. I won all four XD

First acquisition: $51 for signed setlist and used guitar strings from the concert.


Then $40 for signed tee, signed guitar strings still unopened and one signed pick.


$30 for signed drumsticks from the concert and two picks taped onto the backstage badge.


At which time this happened.


That’s right. I spent so much money,  I got an email advising me of possible fraud activity on my account.

keychainAUSA saved Teeda’s vest hoodie as the final item. Jesse, aka Megaphone Man, personally approached my chair to inform me minutes before it went to bidding. A bonus basketball keychain is included.  One of the staffers who really wanted the item warned the lady holding the hoodie not to model it because Teeda has to be the last person to have worn the item.

Unfortunately for her, even after the devastating hits my wallet took, it proved deeper than hers at $65. I proceeded to give the keychain to her. The gratitude in her hug was very touching and for that moment, my impending fear of bankruptcy melted away.


Afterwards, I realized that the greatest happiness one may achieve may be the opportunity to exercise kindness.

There remained one more order of business. Jesse had proffered his mohawk at the disposal of the highest bidder. The winner declined to have the honor and the auctioneer switched duties to a barber. Best looking staff eh?! The charity auction raised over $3,000.

I have an extra pair of unsigned setlist that I might do a giveaway/contest later around the holidays so stay tuned!

Author: The Paper

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