Servant & Service, final episode, full of responsibility again

Thus closed Servant x Service. I feel so sad this series just ended. It was an unusual anime, because most anime settings are in high school, or few middle school, but mostly the time frame is focused on school days. But this anime was about social responsible adults working at a public office. Yes, story of slice and life as social adults, not school kids.

Hasebe turns into dere.

So, now, Hasebe, a born genius ikemen, he never experienced any hard work to overcome the obstacles like most of us do. But I think this is the first time that he had to work hard in his life, to get Lucy’s attention. Yeah, somebody like Hasebe, a typical playboy type, collecting girls’ numbers whimsically, is now getting serious with just one girl that is not that attractive with a rather plain looking fashion. Yeah, Hasebe turns into completely dere. From a playboy to a gentleman who is eager to commit to a relationship. And that caused euphoria among female otakus. I don’t know what this troupe is called? Certainly not Tsundere. But basically, “I can make him change.” Just like changing the clothes of a Ken doll. And that feeds woman’s fantasy, but in real life, ikemen guys never change for girls, yeah, because they are ikemen in the first place! Why do they need to suck up? If there’s an intern giving you the eye, why not! Screw commitment! Thus, Hasebe is a 2D ikemen guy. In real life, only kimo-ota are willing to change for girls since we are the first feminist-gentlemen like Tetsurou from AnoNatsu, but girls don’t want kimo-ota at all, so we have always been girl-less, thus we have no choice but to think that 2D girls are far better than 3D girls, by playing LovePlus or Amagami, having a moe on them. Bad circulation. Eternal recurrence! And we even become more kimoi.


Other than that, I liked all the female characters in it. I found that daughter of the sectional manager (pink bunny robot) was really cute. She reminds me of Chii-chan from Hataraku Maou-sama! So, potentially whey for moe pigs! But too bad she didn’t appear that much in the show. And she is totally a tech-geek, she can fix a robot. And she is still a high school student! Boy, she can be a great engineer!


But the ending was really funny. Lucy didn’t like her given name because it sounded too foreign and being made fun of. “Lucy” is not a Japanese name. But she said to Hasebe, “Because you’re calling me Lucy all the time, I’ve come to love my name. So please take responsibility!” Yes, responsibility! That means Hasebe should marry her! I don’t know, this season, so many responsibility jokes. We seen it in Free!, Rei is telling Nagisa to take responsibility. And Yoshino telling Hachiken to take responsibility in Silver And Spoon, and then, Lucy telling Hasebe to take responsibility!

Responsibilidad! That was the best ending of all. Servant x Service had a perfect ending with that Lucy’s line.

Well, no girls have told me to take responsibility since I was born. Yes, this responsibility myth has probably been promoted by Christianity, as responsibility of one flesh (Mark 10:8). Well, no skinship at all, so how can you take responsibility without any skinship? I wish I could take responsibility, but sadly I’m not responsible to anybody… Well, 2D girls? They don’t have flesh in the first place…so can’t take responsibility…


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