Hook ’em while they’re young – Time to bring out Akiba-chan!

From ANN

Akiba-chan CG/Stop Motion Series to Debut in July

…will premiere on Japan’s KIDS STATION channel on July 24. The “figu-mation” series focuses on the daily life of Akiba-chan and…

Ray’s Take: So I guess it’s now cool to train your kids to know the way of the Otaku when they are young. After all, why not try to mellow them out before they start stabbing people with knives, chopping off the heads of their fathers with axes, shooting their classmates with guns, and all that junk? Let Akiba-oneesama teach you how to date girls on PCs and how to put powerful women on pedestal and worship moe-moe young girls. It’s all fun and games. Good times, good times. I’m certainly looking forward to watch this one.

2 thoughts on “Hook ’em while they’re young – Time to bring out Akiba-chan!

  1. Hahaha, it definitely sounds fun. It also seems very much better than the alternative teachings you mentioned.

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