Round the Sphere


So this is another week…..Spring is coming, what plans do you all have for the arrival of Spring? Though the map above is forecasting viewing times for Hanami in Japan, I am very sure Spring is a time for people to enjoy.

Japanese people at no matter what age, is pretty studious.

Masks are to be the first line of defense!

Every day should be a day to smile… or at least here’s a well thought out entry on Kotoura-san.

Light novels are on my list of books to read.. here’s a review on Yen Press’s Book Girl Series.

Twitter recently turned seven years old, and I can’t help but think of how Twitter either helps or delays blogging. Moritheil’s has his own blog that does take a lot of Twitter snippets.. here’s a reminder as to how he uses his blog and twitter.

“Manga and Problems of Discovery” is discussed here.

Randomly these past couple of weeks and for a couple of episodes. I found myself a guest-co host over with Xan at his podcast site. If want to discover a podcast to listen to. Xan’s is a good one to listen to for manga, movie or anime commentaries.

A great TED video on why Japan humanizes Japanese mascots.

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