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To continue with the Halloween theme, a contest for cosplayers.

And my first truly empowering moment as well.

Excellent story.

85. You buy kitchen appliances based on the songs they can sing.

I want one ~_~ How many do you agree with?

Time’s running out. Submit your entry today for FREE tickets to the Otakon Music Fest.

Speaking of FREE… totally no strings attached free manga online. Enough said.

Not sure what this is trying to accomplish. Instead of dwelling on the past, wouldn’t addressing current issues such as this prove more fruitful? Yes, I am advocating a billboard featuring this.

I find it interesting that such an intimate human gesture would be the act that binds him in servitude.

Never underestimate the power of a kiss. (spoiler alert)

@gendomike, I believe it is imperative that Anime Diet review this product. Needless to say, we will only consider the 24 carat edition for $10,000.

If a guy in a tie and a bandana spelling death can do it, so can you! The Aniblog Sphere should host a competition so we can send a representative from the community.

And you thought anime was an expensive hobby! While draconian, clearly there’s enough demand to justify those prices. At least it’s still cheaper than collecting cars.

reported being shocked to find images of two men having sex

What? I feel sorry for the kid having such an uncle. Also, why have I not thought of… er, brb.

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