Memoriam of Yoshizawa Akira: Grandmaster of Origami

Yoshizawa Akira would have been 101 years old today, if he was still living. He is credited with popularizing and introducing to the world the wonders of modern “origami.” Origami is Japanese for paper folding, and while this centuries old origins of folding origami has been sketchy or challenged. Across the globe, people uses the Japanese term for paper folding.

If you’re into nuances of Japanese culture, origami is one of them. Yoshizawa led the way on creating many techniques or methods that are still used, such as diagramming steps of re-creating an origami model and wet folding. This is a technique where the paper is dampened prior to folding, and then allowed to dry.

Today on March 14, Google celebrates with a doodle, lets just take some time to have a passing thought about an individual who have influence and left a lasting legacy. How does this tie in with anime? Perhaps there’s some issues, but technically with imagination or creativity, anything can be folded out of paper. Check out Brian Chan’s page, if you want to see his fantastic renditions of anime characters.

Author: Linda

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