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Okama Day!

Today, April 4th is Okama Day (オカマの日). Transsexual, transgender, transvestite, cross-gender, cross-dresser, gender-bender, gender-switch, yes, all crossplayers of the world, unite!

Okama is a tradition in Japan. In fact, Izumo No Okuni, probably the most famous cross-dresser in the Japanese history, she wore a male outfit, and started Kabuki theater. Actually, the word Kabuki also meant “cross-dressing.” So yes, it’s quintessentially okama!

Last year, I totally dedicated this day to Hideyoshi, so this year, I’ll present my favorite Okama top 3.

1. Hazumu of Kashimashi

2. Seiko of Lovely Complex

3. Mizuho of OtoBoku

Hazumu Osaragi

Kashimashi is the anime that made me wish that I was girl. An otaku’s lamentation, “As a dude, I never had any single good moment. So, I want to be a girl, so I can chat with girls without any difficulties.” Hazumu is an outcast, but one day he gets complete sex change with extraterrestrial technology. And he doesn’t have any side effects from that physically. Just socially he’s a bit handicapped at first, but he gets used to it with help from his girlfriends! And he gradually fits in, and suddenly the girls he like take romantic interest in him! Yes, soshokukei, meek, very gentle spirited boy, taking care of the school garden, and girl meets girl! Eternal divinity!

Seiko Kotobuki

She (he? or zhe) is striving to be a girl. Or she’s spiritually a girl! Yes, she was born with girl’s heart and guy’s body. Physically homosexual, but spiritually heterosexual. Too bad. When the Prop8 battle was so intense 3 years ago, I saw these rainbow folks carrying placards screaming for equality when I was driving. That was the first time I came to know folks like Seiko-chan really existed. So, I honked at them. Yes, trapped in guy’s body…must be intense suffering for her. I saw Hannah in her! So, I’m totally behind Seiko’s audacity to hope!

Mizuho Miyanokoji

Yes! I want to be in all girls school! Definitely, becoming a girl and enroll in Seiou Jogakuin. That’s my dream. Yes! That is my wish. And Mizuho enrolls in a all-girls school as a female student, and later she is chosen to be the Onee-sama (the Elder Sister). And all the girls in her school adores him. And they don’t realize he’s a trap! What a wonderful world! How wonderful 2-D is! Too bad I’m not a teen anymore, moreover, I’m not a girl! Too bad.


I’m reluctant to face the mirror, my face is too manly, the jaw is too squared to perform plastic surgery, likely to cause malpractice and all the side effects, besides poverty prevents me from having surgery. I can’t even look at my reflection in the windows at shopping malls. Who would kiss me through the window? Maybe one day they will invent genetic engineering, so I can restructure my DNA to be a bishojo. So, I can be over the rainbow! But currently, we don’t have that technology yet. So, I’m stuck in the rainbow now. So, the only thing I can do is crossplay in real life. And the time to celebrate my wish to be a bishojo is today, Okama Day!

Okama, banzai!

So, who’s your top 3?


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