Kamisama Kiss – Are you sure you want to be kissed?

Kamisama Kiss
Story and Art by Julietta Suzuki
Published by Viz Media/Shojo Beat. 200 pages. 2010 $9.99

Nanami Momozono is quite alone after her deadbeat father ran out on her. She unwittingly becomes a Tochigami, after she saves a man from being mauled, and accepts his offer of staying at his home. Adjusting to being a god is not easy, especially with the shrine’s Shinshi, Tomoe a fox youkai. How can she even adjust, and just what would she have to give up? As a god, in order to get the obedience of youkai for her shrine, she has to kiss him.. (Tomoe). If Tomoe hates her guts then what?

Now what is a Tochigami and a Shinshi? As the book describes it, they are a location god and a familiar. I was pretty amused by this story, since it reminded me of a lot of Chinese mythical folk tales, such as the aspect of 土地公. That’s what I thought when I read of Nanami’s role. Then I thought of Tomoe as the image below.

Julietta Suzuki shouldn’t be as unfamiliar to manga readers. She has published Karakuri Odette in the past, and it happened to be a MMF pick. So this is her newest manga to be published in the United States. On Amazon, there is three more volumes scheduled to be released this year. Volume 2 has already been released.

Now what points that made me smile about this series:

  • Has been a while for me on seeing a deadbeat father. I am not surprised, but it has been a while, since I see this concept (Ranam 1/2), or in Japanaese dramas (Atashinchi no Danshi).
  • Himemiko of the Swamp, though she is a fish makes for a pretty cute schoolgirl. She also has a tick that makes her interesting to look at.  She is a fish with a motive though, trying to confess to a human boy she likes.
  • The dialogue between Nanami and Tomoe amused me until I finished reading the book, and hoped for more.
Who looks more dismayed?


Author: Linda

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