nothing more valuable than girl’s smile

fujimiyasmileCutest in this season, and of course, Fujimiya-san from One Week Friends. And Onodera of Nisekoi. Let’s start with Onodera. 

Ahh, Onodera’s room is so cute. That just got me.. So kawaii, so girly! The bed she sleeps in, ah, I want to sleep in it too! onederabedAnd the way she blushes, OMG(><) onoderablushAnd the way she smiles, really angelic! (maji-tenshi) As if she accepts the whole me.. onoderasmileAnd she is the daughter of mom and pop japanese confectionary store (wagashi-ya-san), yes, she is the heir, inheritor of a family business of historical wagashi! Ah, totally Yamato-nadeshiko! You can’t find this angel in this 3D world, samsara. And the uniform she’s wearing at her family wagashi-ya, hooo. onoderawagashiuniformI wish I could be this horsesh@t typical romantic comedy protagonist, making wagashi together with Onodera. Yes, I want to be muko-youshi (婿養子 “groom to marry into her family”), so my last name shall be Onodera, Monsieur Onodera!d0e20409-sAnd a girl next to you look at you like this!cfa0295e-sI’m like “buhiiiiiiii!!!” like moe pigs drowning themselves in the lake of moe. I almost forgot about Krista from Attack On Titan, oh Onodera is my potential wife, or yome.


But this season, oh, there is another girl named Fujimiya Kaori from One Week Friend. Ah, she is also cute, her personality is wow, very gentle and feminine, oh yes, that gentleness is only achieved through the medium of shoujo-manga. This gentle style of drawing reminds me of the children book artist, Iwasaki Chihiro. Yes, shoujo is holy, inviolable and sacred, that I can never cross as a dude. Since I was born dude, I was destined to bear this suffering of not being able to connect with girls as girl and girl, same sex female friends, have done. The only possible way to get connected with girl for an AvPD dude like me is to legalize weed which will surely help remove the obstacle I’m having to get connected with girl, but sadly Californians were not smart enough to help me 4 years ago. I hope Californians will wise up next time when there’s maryjane referendum again. Otherwise, 3D will continue to be the same…

The latest episode of One Week Friend. Ahh, for proletarians, this is really what we need! Girl’s cheek to heal our wounds on labor hands. We have to work to earn living and make ends meet.  Our hands are worn out from menial tasks. But otaku have no one to heal their wounds. But Fujimiya-san, ahh, with her holy smile and appreciation, the wound she heals, as if my wounded heart is getting healed by her. Oh my gosh, I so want to cry! Truly my wife~! Proletarian heroine is something to be!!!! fujimiyathankyoufujimiyahandFujimiya finds a new friend, Yamagishi Saki, an idiot. But an idiot is very friendly,  she has power to break barriers. AT field, or settai-ryouiki. That rucksack, so childish, hahaha. JK (high school girls) usually don’t carry rucksack anymore. And this latest episode has proven to me that girls best friend is girl, not dude. Because Yamagishi is a girl, she could break barrier of Fujimiya, and even skinship… Dude can never be girl’s best friends, hard-to-swallow truth of 3D, thus I wish I was born girl…oneweekBut Yamagishi’s life view, I totally agree. Yes, very yutori (relaxed), as my generation are. As I live in America, the mecca of capitalism, I really feel that Americans should just take it easy. We work too hard, and probably heading to karoushi (overwork death). Yes, we proletarians should all take it easy and enjoy life, as Madagascar’s Merina people saying, “Mami ny aina.” Life is sweet. La Dolce Vita. We should all be more lazy as we have the right to be lazy.  totalyagreeAnd yes, girls’ friendship is the ultimate pleasure of the world. Nothing is more valuable than female friendship. fujimiyabeddiveYes, I want to dive onto Fujimiya’s bed as well!  So, moe moe! If a guy does that, he will go to prison instead, ahh, how I wish I was a girl…thus, I can’t celebrate Boy’s Day, May 5th, or Cinco De Mayo.

I always go to coffee shop to see girls smile, because they are the only girls smile at me in real life. But you know, they are all trained to smile at customers, as I’m just one of the customers to them. It’s just a business. Yes, capitalist smile like Shiba-Inuko. But, anime, ohhh, when anime girls smile, I really feel connected to these angelic 2D girls, and this connection is moe!

P.S. The ED for One Week Friend is so gentle and kawaii, ahhh totally depicts Fujimiya’s state of mind… here are chords I figured:

Ab  Gm  Fm  Bb11  Bb
Eb   Ab   Bb  Cm
Ab  Gm  Fm  Bb11
Eb   Ab   Gm  G7  Cm
Ab  Gm  Fm  Gsus4   G7
AbM7  Bb/Ab  Gm7  Cm
Fm7  Bb11  Eb  Gsus4  G7
AbM7  Bb/Ab  Gm7  G7  Cm
Fm7  Gm7   Ab  Bb11
Ab   AbM7 Eb9



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