I have a craving for pizza…logos that is – I will find it in Darker than Black!

If I had the time, I would try to track down all product placements in anime just for the heck of it. In any case, let’s play, “find the Pizza Hut logo!”pizza-hut-sponsorship-in-darker.jpg

Can you find the logo?


not so obvious this time, is it?


Damn it! Where is it? I want to find some pizza…logos!


DAMN IT! I’m desperate to find some American pizza in Japan! I have to sponsor something interesting!

Boy, it sure is difficult to find the Pizza Hut logos in Japan. Everywhere I see there are only the local varieties!

[Note: hopefully I’m back to the old sarcastic mode and not being in the dark side – becoming too freakin’ academical about anime like my co-host!]

Author: Ray

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2 thoughts on “I have a craving for pizza…logos that is – I will find it in Darker than Black!

  1. Am I reading this right no pizza hut at Japan go out there and look for it. hehehehe

  2. They are there, but it’s difficult to find some. I saw maybe one or or Pizza Huts even in Tokyo. It’s harder to find the logos in real life Tokyo than it is in the show XD

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