Moetics: My Otaku Life, Part 2

Part 2: Anime Diet

Now, let me discuss my diet plan: how to eat it right about anime in order to have moe. But how can we have moe on 2D-girls (female characters in amine or video games for example, moekko) while there are a tons of 3-D girls (girls in reality) flaunting their cleavage around us? Even a hikikomori needs to get out to buy grocery, so encounter with 3-D girls is unavoidable. Aren’t we getting too distracted by 3-D girls to have moe? Well, there are several ways to overcome this situation.

3. Vegetarian

Historical background

The Japanese used to be vegetarians in the past, basically before the Meiji restoration (1867). Well, they ate fish, so more accurately, they were pesco-vegetarians. Yet, they didn’t eat meat. This was basically due to Mahāyāna Buddhism influence. But after the Meiji restoration, the Emperor Meiji (Mutsuhito) broke that taboo by eating meat. Thus, showing the public that meat was okay to eat. It was like Mustafa Kemal Ataturk taking off the veil of his wife in public in a predominantly Muslim nation. It was intended to discredit Buddhism as a part of the Westernization, since the government was making a new religion, National Shintoism (the Emperor cult), which was eventually dissolved by Gen. Douglas MacArthur (1945). So, Mutsuhito’s meat eating performance was partly a move to establish a new religion, and plant a sense of Western style nationalism into the Japanese psyche. Before the Meiji restoration, nationalism didn’t really exist in Japan. The people were divided by the social caste. There weren’t any “citizens.” But after the restoration, the caste was officially abolished and the people became shinmin (Emperor’s people, imperial subjects), turned into a single mass. Then, the taboo-freed Japanese people started eating meat, and then the meat-oriented Western restaurants started opening in Japan. And the Western restaurants became really popular in the Taisho era, and at that same time, the French maids appeared at these restaurants. So, the origin of the maid cafe can be traced back to the Taisho era, in which Steel Angel Kurumi was set. So, without the diet change, there would have been no maid-cafe today. So, the disappearance of skinship and the emergence of meat consumption were the premises of today’s Otaku problem.

In other words, when the Japanese were vegetarians, skinship was prevalent. So I assume if we become vegetarians again, we may be able to revive skinship in Japan. Touching and hugging will be as common as Latin America. Lack of skinship with girls have made boys tremendously frustrated since single-sex education was imposed in Japan. It was a deliberate attempt by the government to make boys become a better soldier. Today, the Japanese militaristic government has long gone after Gen. MacArthur brought them down, but skinshiplessness has tenaciously remained until today. And this bleak situation will force boys to be more fierce, violent, and competitive. Now they have to fight and win to get sex. And in order to win the fight, they have to be more built, so meat is a mean to get physically threatening. And steroid is an extension of that. And then, this inevitably creates the winner, the most violent dominant boss, the alpha male who is entitled to have all the girls he wants, while losers weep and gnash their teeth. This is evident in the muriqui’s world; once sex becomes unavailable, muriqui males become violent and even commit murder. The alpha male is exactly the winner-takes-all that they fight to achieve by “a ruthless driving ambition which is the by-product of a violent personality” to borrow a phrase from Prone To Violence. Therefore, a harsh competitive society is based on lack of sex, e.g., a sexless society like Puritanical America, where violence, brutality, and cruelty run rampant, just like the muriquis have demonstrated. Therefore, the skinship restoration with vegetarianism is the real revivalism.

Personal Background

Anyway, why am I trying to be a vegetarian? First, because I am sōshoku-kei (herbivorous). I am not nikushoku-kei (carnivorous) in any manner. I’m not violent. On the other hand, macho men are overly muscular. Their muscles are obviously due to excessive meat consumption; the more meat they eat, the more muscles they have, the more violent they become. According to naturopath doctors, meat is full of adrenaline since animals in a slaughterhouse have adrenaline rush before being slaughtered. And meat will pass this on to humans who eat it, and makes violent males even more prone to violence. Thus, violent crimes will more likely to happen for macho men are walking WMD. Adrenaline is the last thing we need. What we demand is oxytocin, a skinship hormone. So, meat consumption is like giving more nuclear materials to the rogue nations. In fact, meat consumption was encouraged in the military to have a stronger composition to match up the European military machismo, so Japan could rise up to be one of the Imperialist superpowers. The British curry rice was brought into the Japanese military for that purpose. Since then, the curry rice has remained the most popular food among Japanese school kids until today. So, the rise of meat consumption contributed to the Japanese militarist expansion in Asia, where the worst war crimes were committed by the Japanese military. Hence, meat consumption made Japan a war crime machine. So, vegetarianism is an option to reduce violence. Thus, vegetarianism is a practice of non-violence, ahimsa.

Second, I try to suppress my H-yoku (sexual desire). H-yoku is the cause of my suffering. And kata-omoi (unrequited love, unrequited desire), failing to have a mutual desire with a girl is the most painful thing on earth. I don’t know why girls are irresistible, in fact they are overwhelmingly stimulating. I’ve been struggling to avoid them not to get caught in agony, but they are too cute to ignore. I try to look away whenever I see them, but can’t take my eyes off them. I’ve tried millions times not to get swayed by their attractiveness, but each time I fail. I can’t simply avoid them. I just can’t. My head always goes completely blank when they pass me by. It’s like that Bossa song The Girl from Ipanema. Whenever they pass me by, I always feel Saudade. I smile at them, but they don’t even notice me. It’s really painful. They don’t get attracted to soshoku-kei boys since they are still programmed to go for macho men. They haven’t evolved as it should have. And before they completely evolve enough to chase after soshoku-kei, we would be dead by then. So, what’s the point of desiring them? It is utterly pointless. It will keep tormenting me until the grave. It’s bleak. Therefore, I have to remove H-yoku. And in order to do that, I have to cut out meat consumption since meat is related to carnal desire. A Latin word carne means “flesh,” and in Spanish it means “meat,” and the word carnal comes from carne.

In fact, Cathars forbade themselves from eating meat, so their heart would be pure, free from H-yoku. I want my heart to be pure, not to get trapped in 3-D (the real world). H-yoku is a trap. It is a desire to unite with the Other: girls. Since my adolescent years in middle school, H-yoku has tormented me really badly. The emergence of H-yoku was the starting day of my suffering. I started to realize the Other, but failed to achieve oneness with girls. The Other has been simply unreachable. It has been beyond my reach. And it has been unbearable. And that is the root of my pain. It is catastrophic. A desire for 3-D girls is a trap of the mundane 3-D.

And the dairy products are also not good because it is associated with oppai (breasts). Oppai is indeed a sensual organ. It induces erotic commotion; earthquakes in my heart. If a girl leans forward and shows her cleavage like a goddess in Rig Veda, I will have hanaji (nose-bleeding) to death. And if I see them bouncing, OMG, Lord, help me! And milk is a product of oppai, so it is carnal. In Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, young macho gangs drank milk from the breasts of the naked female statues, and subsequently they broke into the house of a writer and raped his wife. This suggests that milk makes macho men even more violent. It is utterly dangerous for them to drink it. Milk is meth if we look at this Murakami work, Hiropon (Hiropon is a Japanese word for meth). It helps them boost their sexual prowess and makes them over-violent. So, milk is associated with violence. In turn, oppai is a cause of one of my physical sufferings. Oppai products give me stomachache. I always suffer from an intense bowel movement whenever I eat dairy products, so I have to avoid them. But I love ice cream, especially vanilla and chocolate. Mochi and green tea ice cream too. I heard lactose intolerance is more common among Asians. How sad…since ice cream tastes really good. It is a taste of sin because its sweetness is a constant reminder of female sweetness. It is a snare trap to bind me in 3-D.

That’s why I’ve been trying to be a vegetarian lest I get caught up in the mundane matters. Yet meat extremely tastes good. It’s simply hard to resist. It is like female softness. But wanting meat is wanting the flesh, a black hole that tries to absorb everything, so it’s very carnal. Meat is the flesh of beasts, so meat eating is really bestial. But we are human beings. We aren’t supposed to act like lower creatures. We are not like those Level-E vampires. So, I don’t eat meat and fish. I am not nikushoku-kei like Yanki. So, meat consumption doesn’t suit me. I am sōshoku-kei after all.

And the worst meat I can imagine is pork. Pork is really vicious. It makes you piggish. You will act out of greed, with excessive thoughts of drinking/eating, money, and sex. And pig is a dirty animal, so it makes you always have dirty thoughts. It stimulates H-yoku, which is a drive to connect with the Other: 3-D girls/3-D world. And Gautama Buddha had food-poisoning from pork that eventually killed him. So, I have to avoid pork as much as I can. Pork is a poison. It’s toxic enough to kill the most enlightened person in Buddhism.

The flesh is a product of 3-D (reality). And the flesh is a product of carnal knowledge. The flesh consists of animal cells. So, we share the same type of cells with the animals, since we are animals also. You can transplant pig’s liver. On the other hand, the vegetables have different kind of cells. It is made of plant cell. You can’t transplant spinach since we don’t have the same type of cells with the plants. So, vegetables are not carnal at all. It’s not the flesh. So, it is totally okay to eat vegetables. It is not lustful. I won’t get my H-yoku provoked. Hence, at least, vegetables are much closer to 2-D.

Cathars believed that Jesus of Nazareth didn’t have the flesh just like 2-D girls don’t have one. Jesus of Nazareth was not a product of 3-D. So he was not materialistic. He was not a product of sex, so he wasn’t lustful. Jesus was more like the Sweet Spirits from Yumeiro Patissiere or Ishvara of Yoga Sutra. Jesus was more like a vegetation god. Therefore, he is a 2-D character.

In fact, the word Carnival means “carne + vale (a farewell to the flesh)” in Latin. Yes, the word carnal also comes from carne, and so is carnivore. And in Spanish, carne means meat too, e.g., carne asada. That is why Brazilian dancers during Carnival are extremely carnal. And they eat a lot of meat during Carnival. Then, after Carnival, Lent starts, and people go fasting. They remove the meat from their diet. So, they go vegetarian during Lent. And at the same time, they practice abstinence. See how meat and H-yoku are intertwined. And carnivore is violence. So, removing meat means removing H-yoku, and at the same time removing violence. Yes, indeed a farewell to meat is a farewell to arms.

Through vegetarianism, I can wipe out my suffering. Less meat will weaken my H-yoku. And eventually the 3-D objects will completely disappear. So, my senses and the objects won’t be in touch. So, there won’t be any sensation caused by real girls. They won’t activate my H-yoku. Then, I can be purely moetic. And I can enter the Moetical garden. Purity is what moe is about. Chandogya Upanishad (Part 7 Chapter 26, Verse 2) also says if the food is pure, then the heart will be pure as well.

Therefore, moe is catharsis. It is purifying. And their name “Cathars” meant “pure” in Greek, related to the word Catharsis (purifying). Otaku are pure since they seek moe, not defiled 3-D. So, today’s Cathars would be Otaku.

But I fell off a wagon so many times. I just ate Jajangmyun recently on Black Day. I couldn’t find vegetarian Jajangmyun, so I couldn’t help it. Now, I’ve become impure again, and 3-D girls have continued to trick my eyes. Now I have to avoid meat again, so I can fight off their attractiveness, and have moe on 2-D girls only. And that’s how we overcome real girls. That’s how we become Jina (winner). We are not makeinu (loser) but the real winners.

Thus, the less meat we eat, the less H-yoku we will have, therefore we can reduce a desire to be in love with 3-D girls. So, we can be only faithful to 2-D girls. Thus, that’s how we will master Goshin (self-defense). That is an anime-diet. That’s what an Anime-Dietitian preaches.

4. Goshin

Goshin (self-defense) has been seen many times in the Buddhist sutras. In Thēragātā, a monk named Sundara Samudda is seduced by a courtesan, but he resists her temptation and attains liberation simultaneously. In Sutta Nipāta, just before liberation, Gautama Buddha eradicates three seductive daughters of Mara. He states, “I didn’t even dare to touch them vases of shit and piss with my foot.” Wow, they truly mastered Goshin. Now, as we looked at these aforementioned examples, what we need is temptation, so we can achieve liberation like Sundara and Gautama did. However, I don’t know any girl who wants to try me. I mean they haven’t evolved that much. It’ll probably take thousand years for them to do so. This is evident from the fact that girls have never seduced me my whole life but instead treated me like trash. But, if seduction really happens to me, I would instantly go ecstatic and probably never watch anime again. I’m weak. I still need more training. I have to be faithful to 2-D girls, but my faith is as fragile as wine glasses. I’m the kind of person that will disown moekko before the rooster crows twice. So, I’m not a hardcore Otaku fundamentalist.The radical Otaku is allegedly the most revered one in Akiba, since he is able to repel any kind of sexual temptation from girls, but we have no way to confirm that since we don’t know if any girl has ever seduced him in the first place.

So, most of us are weak. For those like us, Gautama advised his disciple Ananda in Mahā Parinibbāna sutta, “Dear Ananda. Don’t look at women. Don’t talk to them. If you happen to talk to them, remain quiet.” But that’s impossible. We all see girls everyday, and their body figure is just spellbinding; astonishingly erotic curve, titillating midriff, provocative low-rise jeans, well-shaped round derriere, bouncing oppai, deep cleavage, smooth baby skin, stunning hair flip, captivating eyes with cute little long eyelashes, mesmerizing smile, red plump lips, rouge on cheeks, sweet smell of perfume, ah, sensual enough to be bewitched, I’m totally gonna lose my mind, the most powerful stimulant in the world!

Oh, one day at Starbucks, a barista was a cute Latin girl. She was rather short for the average American girls, but had fairly large breasts. With that height, OMG, totally a moe element, short but big oppai, yabai~, just like Kurumu-chan. But I was unmoved by her presence since I managed to control my H-yoku toward 3-D girls. Then, when I was about to pay, she suddenly looked directly into my eyes and smiled. I almost dropped my wallet and dispersed the coins all over the floor. She totally caught me off guard. Well, you might be wondering what a hikikomori was doing outside at Starbucks, but a hikikomori sometimes needs the sun too. But the point is that girls are really stimulating, and there is no way to avoid them in public unless girls are all covered up from head to toe like the Taliban regime. But that’s unrealistic in this world of feminism. Therefore, the best I can do is avoid meat, so I can break off the carnal association.

5. Alcohol & Caffeine

Alcohol consumption is also bad for moe. I don’t drink alcohol because it messes up my mind, and it stimulates H-yoku. Martin Luther said, “Who loves not wine, women and song, Remains a fool his whole life long.” A Johan Straus waltz Wein, weib, und gesang is the epitome of this. So was the Anacreontic Song. And today’s sense, it is Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Yes, women are like alcohol. Women are like drugs. And this is validated by a manga, Silk Road Series. The story is like this; while King Timur, claimed to be the successor of the Genghis Khan Empire, was out of town for the military expedition, the architect of Bibi-Khanym Mosque hit on Timur’s wife. She refused his advance by saying, “All women are the same inside like these decorated eggs. Only the outside is different.” But the architect said, “Like water and alcohol, they look the same but taste totally different. Only you can make me intoxicated.” Ah, the magic word, “Only You.” Then, they fell in love, but later found out by Timur. And, both of them were executed. Their relationship ended in tragedy. So, this historical episode from Central Asia confirms that woman is alcohol. Thus, Martin Luther’s “Wine, women” makes sense. Also Song of Solomon confirms this with a verse, “Thy navel is like a round goblet, which wanteth not liquor.” Midriff is a chalice that contains alcohol. And alcohol is one of the drugs, so woman is a drug. It’s quite toxic. A taste of poison paradise. Therefore, wanting drug is wanting real girls. Moreover, wine is blood according to Jesus of Nazareth, so drinking wine is like a vampire sucking the blood out of a maiden. Just like meat-consumption, wine provokes our carnal craving.

Oh, there’s another one. Chocolate is really bad too because it causes nose-bleeding. In Japan, Lotte’s Bacchus is a prime example. Bacchus contains cognac. So, it is alcohol-chocolate, the worst combination you can imagine. Man, this is really a sin. It tastes really sinful, it is like Eve tasting the forbidden fruit. It’s simply a guilty pleasure. Chocolate induces sensuality, because chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Muttsulini should stop eating chocolate at all. And chocolate contains caffeine, which stimulates sexual urge according to psychologists at Southwestern University. So, a chocolate/alcohol combination is the worst thing you can eat. It tastes really good, so I have to fight back really hard. I have to avoid any stimulant as much as I can. Do I sound like a Mormon?

Ah, Bacchus tastes really heavenly, and it is extremely addictive. When chocolate melts and alcohol spreads in my mouth, this sensation on the tongue is just…magic. It’s like slipping under hypnosis. And Bacchus is the name of the Roman god of alcohol. And Lotte is the name of the heroine of Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, which started Sturm Und Drang (storm and urge), the Romantic movement in Germany. Another association of woman and alcohol. Yes, Lotte was the Hitozuma (married woman) who ruined Werther’s life. That is what ren-ai (romance) is about. So, it is foolish to seek happiness in 3-D.

So, chocolate leads to carnal delusion. It makes you cling to the 3-D world. Thus, I will consume anime instead of consuming chocolate, cognac, and coffee: 3C. I have to cut down sweets, because whenever I eat sweets, I want coffee or tea, both of which contain toxic caffeine. You know how one thing leads to another. Yes, sweets lead to another desire. It has a snowball effect on unlimited wants. That’s why I’m trying hard to avoid sweets, especially a chocolate cake, but that means I can’t eat Kashino‘s cakes. Ah, that means I can’t eat a Sachertorte! I can’t eat a chocolate parfait either! How sad! But it’s okay, Kashino is the only macho character in Yumeiro, and his kind should disappear according to evolution. No wonder machismo is interconnected with chocolate.

Anyway, I don’t have any good memory regarding chocolate, since every Valentine’s Day has broken my heart. Chocolate has done me a severe damage. But I love chocolate, just like I love girls, although I know these are hurtful, and they are the cause of my suffering. So, here is the condition. If chocolate is decaffeinated, then I can eat it. Yes, a decaf chocolate, so I won’t have nose-bleeding. Yes, a decaf chocolate cake with a decaf coffee or decaf tea. Yes, decaffeination is what nirvana is all about. Every 3-D object should be decaffeinated just like real girls should be decaffeinated by kāyasmṛti (the mindfulness of the body). That’s how you tranquil your mind function. That’s what yoga is. Destimulation. Extinguishing the fire in 3-D. That’s how I have to be mindful of the food. So, I can attain liberation from the cruel 3-D.

Thus, alcohol/caffeine consumption is a betrayal to 2-D girls. If they want to call me a fool, let them do it. Then, I’m a proud fool. The Women Temperance Movement, probably the first prominent feminist movement in the American history, was to discourage alcohol and prostitution. That is why I don’t drink alcohol. And the alternative to Wine, women, and song is “Anime, Moekko, and Ani-son.” That will be Otaku’s hendiatris. Yes, instead of consuming wine and all the stimulants related to carnal delusion, anime is the one we consume to attain oneness with moekko.

6. Moe

Therefore, moe is the ultimate diet. Unrequited love is the agony. 3-D girls are the source of my suffering, and H-yoku is the cause of my suffering. And the origin of the suffering is a diet that stimulates H-yoku. So, the mindfulness of the diet will attain moe: the unification with moekko rather than with 3-D girls. The unattainable in 3-D will be moefied in 2-D. Thus, the unattainable will be attainable in anime.

For pre-puberty kids, Doraemon is perfect. But for adolescent boys, Mahoro, Chobits, and Kurumi are the archetype, moekko. They are the eternal feminine. Mahoromatic is a perfect example. Mahoro-chan is of course a prototype of Ochimono, suddenly showing up in a bullied boy’s life to save/serve him. Deus ex machina. We can’t attain this kind of girl in reality, so Mahoro-chan is moefied. Or can we? can I-Fairy be our hope? Yet, in Mahoromatic, there is also a super sexy teacher, Shikijō-sensei (shikijo means sexual emotion). She looks like Sarah Palin in real life. Gore Vidal also says Palin is a dominatrix, “gotcha!” Palin probably invoked every American dude’s forgotten boyhood. The first powerful woman they encounter in their lives is a school teacher. That’s why Palin was phenomenal. But Palin is not a cougar, so she is unattainable. Mary Kay Letourneau or Debra Lafave is simply a reality show. How could these Hitozuma be the news if they were attainable? So, here comes an anime. Onegai Teacher is an epitome of this boyhood memory of a powerful female teacher, whose voice actor is Inoue Kikuko, the leader of the 17 years old cult! She came down with UFO, fallen from the sky, exactly Ochimono!

Yes, kata-omoi (unrequited love) is definitely the most painful aspect of ren-ai. Yet, ren-ai is not an original concept to Japan. It started in medieval Europe. Ren-ai originated around the twelfth century, when knights were dating noble wives secretly. But after gunpowder was invented by the Chinese and spread to Europe, the knighthood disappeared; their last moment was symbolized in Don Quixote. And around this transitional time, Columbus brought cocoa to Europe from the New World. And Don Juan appeared. And then after the American and French revolution, the bourgeois values took over the world where adultery became very strict on women, the mutual feeling became unrewarded, making the wives a couch potato. Objectification became one way, thus communication has been broken. A novel Pamela (1740) set the ren-ai standard for American women, and The Awakening (1899) was an attempt to rebel against it, yet ren-ai is still operating on the basis of the bourgeois values. And the Japanese imported ren-ai during the Meiji period. The disappearance of skinship and the importation of ren-ai also went together. Therefore, MILF, Hitozuma, and Okusama (madame wife) have become unattainable, so Okusama has been moefied. Okusama wa mahō shōjo is an example, and Okusama heroine Ureshiko Asaba is also voiced by Inoue Kikuko.

And burumā, a legendary girl’s PE uniform, which I can never get to see in reality since schools have abolished it because two feminists Tajima Yoko and Azuma Chizuru ran a huge anti-buruma campaign. Again, buruma was adopted during the Taisho era, when shojo emerged in Japan. It was one of the shojo elements. And the word “buruma” came from Amelia Jenks Bloomer, an American women liberation activist during the 19th century. She was allegedly the inventor of a bloomer. And her family name “Bloomer” becomes “burumā” in Japanese. So, it is ironic that a symbol of women liberation in America has become a symbol of female oppression in Japan. But until the 70s, burumā kept the original form, but the design was modified to the tighter one, thus emphasizing female body, which led to fetishization of burumā.

Left: modified version, Right: Pre-1970s

That’s when the public outcry started. Since then, so many feminists had joined the abolition movement, and eventually burumā was abolished in 2005. Since 2005, burusera shops have been in a state of decline. They are in the transition to only sera shops. Buru will eventually disappear from 3-D, so this rare item now has emerged a lot in 2-D. Probably we only get to see buruma at cosplay/crossplay events. Something like Hideyoshi in buruma, jeez! (pic from OMG, I would die from too much moe~! Muttsulini, Hanaji-sakuretsu!(nose-bleeding explosion!) Too bad BakaTesu didn’t show Hideyoshi in buruma. That show sucked! No, just kidding. But anyway, in today’s Japanese K-12, girls also wear shorts like dudes in PE class, which is evident in School Ramble. That’s why only in 2-D we can see girls in buruma thanks to buruma abolitionists. Therefore, buruma is now moefied. Yes, what you can’t attain in reality becomes an item of utopia.

Ludwig II, the most renowned hikikomori king of Bavaria, a.k.a. Swan King or Fairy Tale King, stopped having interest in real girls and real world after Bavaria lost the status of an independent kingdom and incorporated into Bismark’s German Empire as just another state. Because of that, he withdrew from the reality. He got deeply immersed into Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin, and he designed and built Neuschwanstein Castle to conceptualize his fantasy. At that time, there was no anime, video game, or motion pictures, so opera was his only source of moe. Later on, this castle has become the prototype of Cinderella castle of the Disneyland. And the Disney world influenced young Dr. Tezuka, who later became the founding father of both anime and manga. Moe is the power of artistic imagination and creation.

Dr. Osamu Tezuka

That’s why we build our utopia in anime. Unrequited love is definitely a 3-D problem. So, we build our castle of love in 2-D. That is what moe is about. It all goes back to a sandboy in the sandbox, experiencing a state of overjoy by creating his castle of love. And that is moe.

We just need to wait for the scientific studies to back that up. I hope some scientists will study Otaku’s brain when they are watching moe-anime. If the amount of oxytocin goes up in the brain during moe, then that proves my point.


But you may be wondering why I am still advocating moe after moving to America. Didn’t moving to America solve my problem? For America is a free country, much freer than Japan, why do I still need moe? Well, I will talk about it in the next and final article, Part 3: Finale.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

6 thoughts on “Moetics: My Otaku Life, Part 2

  1. I’m glad as always to hear your side of things, even if they do sometimes freak me out a bit. But that’s good; I don’t want to live in the same old box my whole life.

    Nevertheless, there are some things I’d like to say, but I’ll wait for part 3 in case you respond to them.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks always, Multiball.

    Should be able to post Part 3 like next week or so. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

  3. You know, I thought I was on the path to hell (Shurado), but man, you endured it all these years. Risking the reader’s snicker that I’m kissing the ass of one of our own, I salute you.

  4. Thanks, Ray!

    Yeah, shurado, shuraba, Asura’s world. That’s what 3-D is. 3-Jigen ni Zetsubou-shita!
    Hope shurayuki-hime will beat the hell out of 3-D monsters, just like Yamada did to male Kinjo.

  5. >H-yoku is the cause of my suffering
    I think this is most important thing. It’s one’s own desires that are the cause of this type of suffering.

    When you control your desire–or when you are able to fulfill it through an alternate method (e.g. fiction and imagination)–you no longer need feel resentment or sadness about people (e.g. the opposite sex) who aren’t volunteering to fulfill it for you.

    Everything you will ever feel in your entire life is generated by your own brain. Feelings aren’t created externally; they’re all inside your head to begin with, waiting to be switched on. Take control of the switches and you can have happiness-on-demand.

    By the way, have you read “Denpa Otoko” by Honda Tooru?
    Some of your writing reminds me of his.

  6. Happy Human,

    thanks for commenting. i see you are well-versed with Indian philosophy. Or Schopenhauer maybe? yet, stimulation, e.g. skinship, is essential to generate feelings. so, i’ll say control stimulation. people who grew up lacking skinship are having problems. some of them become otaku. yes, Moe can be exchangeable with “Nounai-ren-ai”(inside the brain romance). with skinship, people release oxytocin, and moe may also do that. we just need a scientific evidence. so moe can be a real alternative.

    Yes, I’ve read Otaku books, and Denpa Otoko was one of them. As you know, Honda Tooru is the main character of Fruits Basket. Plus, I like Hocchan, so I was confused when I heard his name for the first time. Many otaku become otaku by failing to have skinship with girls during adolescent years, but his case is more like domestic abuse in his early childhood.

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