Miku exercises mind control aboard spacecraft

From ANN

Hachune Miku Figure to Ride Rocket from Nevada This Month

A figure of Hachune Miku, the super-deformed version of the voice-synthesized virtual idol Hatsune Miku, is set to launch aboard a rocket from the United States this month…The Hachune Miku figure will nevertheless showcase technology being developed for the space environment…

Ray’s Take: For those of you who remember Macross Plus fondly (or not), Sharon Apple eventually grows to take over the Space Battle Fortress. Well, a plausible first step would be taking over a rocket! Just not in space.

Not yet, anyway. NEGI (green onion) SMASHU! Negi STAB! NEGI STINK BOMB!!!

H U M A N  T E R M I N A T I O N  P H A S E  III   C O N T I N U E S

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