Hiiragi Tsukasa Fan Service Videos!

Well, in honor of one of our most loyal fans, I want to post some clips of Tsukasa!

Shy, moe, nice and naturally flaky but not in an annoying way. She’s still one of my favorite characters!

No, no, I’m not Kamigishi (Akari)…I’m Hiiragi…

Love that clumsiness!

Ha ha ha the deer are kicking her ass…

Ooh…Sea cockroaches and life can disappointing.

Sleepy head!

HAHAHAHAHA…Because sometimes I can’t fall asleep unless it’s a perfect condition!

Let’s end here, shall we? L o v e Tsukaka! Hai hai!

4 thoughts on “Hiiragi Tsukasa Fan Service Videos!

  1. I was disappointed when Tsukasa’s screen time seemed to lessen in the second half of the show. All her scenes were so money! It’s hard to pick a favorite character from Lucky Star, but I’d probably give Tsukasa the edge.

    1. @ RP – I didn’t quite notice that change until you mentioned it. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know if the manga went that direction. But I guess the show wanted to focus more on the relationships of others as well as Kagami VS Konata?

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