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Bridging The Gap: Why Lucky Star Wasn’t In My Top Ten

Okay, I realize that despite all of the kind words & love shared about on these pages pertaining to the origin of our excellent mascot, that it perhaps requires explanation. To be completely honest, a lot of this screed comes from where we as lovers of such a medium come to get our regular fix. Whether it be within the confines of a local video outlet, or from the comfort of our own homes. Whether we enjoy harem shows, or straight slice-of-life dramas. The fact of the matter remains that Lucky Star never had a chance in a Top Ten of my composition.

And so comes the requisite “Whys” that this recent icon has slipped the grasp of this potentially perplexed writer.

So fess up. Did you just not enjoy Lucky Star? What the what?

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Lucky Star brings 10 Billion Yen In Revenue for Washimiya Town

Our correspondent Kona-chan (tukasakagami) just informed us that thanks to Lucky Star and its usage of the shrine at the Town of Washimyiya, Saitama, they have gained 10 billion yen in total thanks to the Lucky Star Phenomenon.

We all know that Otaku from all over Japan travels to the shrine thanks to the success of the anime. The highest number of visitors reached 450,000.

Knowing that aside from the New Years Pilgrimage, usually people don’t really care to go to shrines in Japan. But thanks to Lucky Star, the amount of visitors going to the shrine has been amazing.

A certain Mr. Sakata sold sweet buns to the visitors.

Cards of the Hiiragi sisters were sold for great success.

The number of people increased 50000 to 1400000 in ’08.

Just goes to show the power of anime, eh?

For rest of the facts and stats, see Manichi JP.

Ray’s Top Ten List from the Last Decade

Disclaimer: I never liked making a top 10 list because I watch shows from a varieties of genres and I believe that comparing them on the same level playing field is vastly unjustified. But as a tradition, I made mine. Merits? What merits?

Without any fancy blogwork or word wizardry, here’s my top ten for the last decade.

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AD Top 10 List #1: Top TV Anime of the 2000s

It’s 2010. A new year. A new decade. Amazing how time flies, doesn’t it? In celebration of this historical event we, your anime-loving couch potatoes here at Anime Diet, have painstakingly compiled a list of what we feel are the cream of the crop, the very best anime of the past ten years.
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Hiiragi Tsukasa Fan Service Videos!

Well, in honor of one of our most loyal fans, I want to post some clips of Tsukasa!

Shy, moe, nice and naturally flaky but not in an annoying way. She’s still one of my favorite characters!

No, no, I’m not Kamigishi (Akari)…I’m Hiiragi…

Love that clumsiness!

Ha ha ha the deer are kicking her ass…

Ooh…Sea cockroaches and life can disappointing.

Sleepy head!

HAHAHAHAHA…Because sometimes I can’t fall asleep unless it’s a perfect condition!

Let’s end here, shall we? L o v e Tsukaka! Hai hai!

Beginner Anime

Two major categories have sprung up in anime discourse. There are referential anime such as Yakitate Japan and Lucky Star, and there are anime which are designed to be watched with no prior knowledge of anime, such as Bleach and Naruto. In keeping with the concept that otaku culture is like a language to be learned, I will refer to the former as “advanced” anime and the latter as “beginner” anime.

Obviously this is a simplification. These categories are not pure and exclusive. Many essentially non-referential shows, such as Full Metal Panic, still have the occasional reference. Heavily referential shows such as Genshiken or Dai Mahou Touge can still be watched without getting all the references. Overall, however, there is an increasing creep of metatextual issues into the actual body of anime that air each season.

Is this good or bad?

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Moritheil まいり (Moritheil respectfully serves notice of arrival)

Fellow otaku!  I’m excited to be joining Anime Diet.  So, how should I introduce myself?  Blood type?  Astrological signs?  Measurements?

Well, to begin with, I’ve posted a list of the anime I’ve seen, and I’ll be updating it over the next few days.  The inquiring mind will find all sorts of juicy and unfortunate statistics there.  More importantly, I can tell you that I intend to review anime, manga, and games, as well as talk about cultural developments along the lines of Densha Otoko (Train Man) or the Lucky Star shrine invasion.

Look forward to it!

Mairi is what we say when arriving at a shrine.  This is an anime shrine!

12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 6–Lucky Star Gets Serious

How do you insert something heartfelt, even serious, in the middle of a show dedicated to jokes–and otaku jokes at that? You do it the way this year’s Hirano Aya/KyoAni lovefest, Lucky Star, did it in episode 22. 

This post is brought to you by Owen’s Collective Farm the Anime Blogging Collective.


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Anime Diet Radio Episode 16–Spoiled Turkey in a Bowl

Thanksgiving is over.

Man it’s been a while! This was recorded on Thanksgiving weekend, hence the Turkey Bowl and the Thanksgiving references, but I was unable to find time to edit due to school, the plane not having plugs, and most consequentially, a family medical emergency this week. But here it is…our sweet 16 episode, in which we take on Death Notes in Virginia, Pizza Hut in anime, and Odex all over the world (snicker). Our roundtable “Turkey Bowl” talks about the year’s projected winners and losers, including Gundam 00, Claymore, Lucky Star, ef-a tale of memories, Hayate no Gotoku, Ghost Hound–just to name a few. And Monty Python references.

I wanted to include more sound effects, but I don’t have the time…it’s also my first time using Soundtrack Pro rather than Garageband to put this one together. Soundtrack Pro is a sweeeeet piece of Apple software, and it makes certain editing tasks so much easier. I’m still learning the ropes, though.

Show Notes

  • OP: “Sora ni Saku (宇宙(そら)に咲く)” by Lisa Komine (Rental Magica OP)
  • ED: “STAR RISE” by Ryou Hirohashi, Megumi Toyoguchi, Sachiko Kojima, Houko Kuwashima & Rina Satou” (Bamboo Blade ED)
  • All Monty Python sound clips are from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • The story about the Virginia Death Note can be found at Anime News Network (1). See the electronic Death Note site here (2).
  • The story about the Marimite Pizza Hut promotion can be found at ANN (3). See our exclusive interview with Yukana here (4).
  • The story about the Odex international incident is here at ANN (5). See a backup of the hacked website here (6).


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Review: Lucky Star–Slice of Otaku, Slice of Life

Yes, Kona-chan. You’re the dream of pedolicious otakus everywhere.

Reminder: Our School Days Demotivational Poster contest ends in just two days! The deadline is October 6, 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, or October 7, 9:30 AM in Taiwan and Singapore. Please see here for more details.

Long long ago, and in a season far far away, in a fit of somewhat intentional provocation, I wondered out loud whether Lucky Star could ever compare in laughs to that classic, Azumanga Daioh. I also said I was very willing to be proven wrong. Was I? Well, no. But the gap between the two has considerably narrowed for me and it’s time to think about why this is a very successful otaku comedy after all.

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My obligatory “My feelings about Lucky Star” post.


Mike made his comparison of Azumanga Daioh VS Lucky Star all the way back in our 100th post, and I think most of his comments still holds true even now.

My feelings for Lucky Star is a mixed bag. To be on the fair side, it’s not the funniest show I’ve ever seen in my life. It would’ve been unfunny to me if I weren’t an Otaku. I like shows with good physical humor. Azumanga offers that, Potemayo offers that as well. Both shows make me laugh out aloud.


To me, Lucky Star is very much a fanfare generated specifically for the legions of Otaku who can’t get enough of Otaku references and humor and Hirano Aya. I’ll freely admit that both my feet are planted firmly inside both territoreis.

To speak in my Otaku mode, this show gives me huge grins and makes me nod whenever I realize that I understand something that Konata talks about, whether it’s a rant about Otaku being ruder and ruder these days or how some people can tell what’s inside a card pack just by shaking it! o_____O


I also love Kagame. She’s so cute in her tsundere mode and she often comes to the comedic rescue using her non-Otakuness. Konata’s the team leader who begins a segment, with Tsukasa playing the nice person who’s trying very hard to understand, Miyuki with her “natural way” of speaking her mind sweetly and give us doses of moe with Tsukasa’s slight awkwardness, and Kagame always come to deliver her jabs at Konata’s comments. Without her, a segment is just a never ending set of dialogs of self-congratulatory and not-so-obvious affirmation about Otaku with commentaries as the initiating ceremony of warm feelings for hardcore Otaku.


I’ve discovered that for Otaku-humor driven shows or shows specifically talking about Otaku, there’s always a very necessary non-Otaku character. This character, let’s say she, is often “naked” inside the enemy Otaku territory and completely exposed to the ways of the warrior Otaku. She often begins her journey with a critical eye toward the Otaku friends that surrounds her, but through it all she grows to care for these nice and mild mannered and surprisingly accepting folks who share their passion freely with her. In the end she often becomes accepting and in some cases, even begin to perform some of the rituals that the Otaku frequently does, albeit she may not perform them completely willingly most of the time.


Now before I make my review all nice and warm and fuzzy, let me just become my critical self again (yay). The reality is that a lot of Otaku are not the most accepting-kind of people in the world – they just simply don’t care too much about things outside their own world or they simply don’t do a thing to change anything that’s outside of it. Accepting? It’s more like they really don’t care or don’t want to or too chicken shit to kick the outsider out of the club. Mile mannered? you mean lacking of their own opinions. Nice? You mean they being gutless. I should know because I often do these things. I’m too lazy to change the world and I really don’t care if a non-Otaku ever steps inside my world, because if the non-Otaku does step inside then fine, it will just happen, and if the non-Otaku doesn’t then fine, it won’t happen.


(WARNING: Psychotic ranting ahead! XD) I despise what we Otaku call “Normals” – people who don’t understand us and judgmental and unaccepting – when I last went to Akiba. Even being a tourist myself I hated these asses making fun of everything and being pushy and rude and staring back even though they were out of line. I did so very seriously hate their presence inside the holy land of Otaku. Get the fuck out of Akiba and go gawking inside other “hip places” that you people are so very much proud of. Go ahead and laugh about how superior and how really stylish and normal you are. I know and can act just like you people but I despise you people from the core of my being when you were tourists inside Akiba. I can kind of understand how some Parisians feel about some tourists but hey, I’m never going to Paris so I’ll never be a bother to Parisians.

Of course, outside the holy land I simply don’t care very much what the “Normals” think. (Note: END psychotic ranting! XD)

snapshot20070922134112.jpgsnapshot20070922134225.jpg“real” Indians

But seriously, back to talking about the show.

Over all, the characters are colorful and mostly interesting. Konata and Kagame are the characters that I found most engaging, the rest are more or less anime stereotypes but the show manages to make fun of these archetypes well. The music, except the Konata Karaoke segments, and for character highlights, is forgettable. I hated Hiraishi and I wanted him to shut up. But I did like pairing up him and Akira (Hiromi Konno) in Lucky Channel.

Despite the mix bag feeling that I have, I enjoyed the ride. It ends nicely and the ending corresponded with the beginning, which means closure. That’s always helpful in ending a show well.


85% recommended for your daily anime diet (my fair assessment)

95% recommended for your daily anime diet (my Otaku assessment)

Lucky Star 20 – talking about things I did as an Otaku living in Japan.


It’s rather difficult for me to review Lucky Star, because unlike Claymore, it’s really talking about nothing, sometimes about Otaku-nothings. But anyway, finally something I can actually post something about.

In Japan, when I buy figurines at that small city (Fukuyama for anyone who cares to know), I used to just stare at them intensely and trust my instincts – which are pretty good, and I used to not get a lot of repeats. But then, I started getting some repeats. So what could I do?

I remember going to a fairly close bigger city (Okayama), and seeing some glass-wearing, greasy guy with a pony tail shaking the boxes, before he finally settling on one box and then it just clicked for me! Shaking the boxes can help determine the content!

When I went to Animate in Akiba, I saw a sign that made me laugh. The sign translates in English roughly said: Do not shake the boxes to determine the contents or we might ask you to leave (at least I know the first part of my translation is correct).

It was fun to see Konata talking about it in this episode. So that’s why when I went to some stores in bigger cities in Japan I see there are boxes taken in random order and not one next to each other. It’s like someone picked and chose.


It was shocking to hear that she said some people can even do the “shaking” method with collectible cards…O____o that’s scary….

Other parts of the episode have usual banter and fun. There’s a little discussion about how Otaku men often wish to find Otaku women (very true), but it doesn’t seem like Otaku women want to find Otaku men (because women are plain picky and often demands more dream-like qualities XD). I really like the Fist of the North Star reference, because I grow up in the 80’s as a kid. More Japanese specific humor follows.


A blatant Haruhi promotional fanservice…I mean a Haruhi “commerical” is placed in it, and I was reminded that one of the bloggers on animeblogger.net said that Lucky Star is like an informerical for Haruhi. Sometimes that just seems so true. In the lucky channel of this episode, Koizumi from Haurhi, shows up and plays as himself for a few-second role.

At the end, Hirashi goes crazy again and plays a cheerleader this time with pon-pons. I don’t find him funny anymore; I think he’s rather annoying.

Other things I did as an Otaku in Japan (that Konata talked about) – buying the second book of the stack even though the first one looks perfectly nice and clean. Buying a lot of a certain kind of food products to collect a certain item (I already forgot what it is and I had to throw the stupid things away 2 years ago because I moved to Taiwan), buying a manga/book/magazine just because of the little figuring that it gives (often sucks).


Anyway, as a comedy, so far I don’t favor this over Azumanga Daioh, and also a lot of references in this show are still beyond my grasp simply because I’m American and not Japanese. However, I love this show fir its specific brand of quirkiness. To try to give this a fair rating, I’d say:

88% recommended for your daily anime diet. I added 6 points for the work of the seiyuus. This show is not medicre, but without these people voice acting and without its Otaku references, I would not find it funny at all.

P.S. Still reading? YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD! XD

P.S. No you’re not. That was the First of North Star reference.