Harem is totally unfair!

harem Hadaka ni narinasai (be naked)! 裸になりなさい!

I was so pissed. In Akame Ga Kill, there is a cult, or zealous religious group that corrupts imperial politics, and the religious leader has his own harem. It reminds me of Aum Shinrikyo, a criminal doomsday cult, a terrorist organization that attacked Tokyo subway with nerve gas, which was depicted in Penguindrum. And the cult leader was a fat long-haired beard dude, Asahara Shoko. He had a harem just to himself, and girls in his harem was called “Dakini.” Yes, sex slaves to serve Asahara the guru (尊師 sonshi) exclusively. Dakini is a goddess in Hindu mythology. And also appears in Buddhist sutras, an epithet of Inari. In Aum sanga, only Asahara the final liberator could have sex with girls because he had enlightenment, so girls would be liberated from the mundane chains, initiation to sangahood. Left-handed tantric initiation.


“Take off your clothes!” How imperative and abusive. Oh yes, clothes is seen as attachment, or possession, hers. So, it’s to abandon hers, or herself, and completely submit herself to yoga guru as Aparigraha. Total obedience and devotion to guru. Goshujin-sama (Masters) at maid cafe don’t have that right or droit de seignior to exercise. If take off maid costumes, there is no more value of Maid attached to it. It will lose Maidness. So, outfit is very important. Yes, zokusei, or attribute or character is essential to moe.

Oh yes, surrounded by dakini, totally harem. Asahara had his own harem. And this anime also shows that, probably modeled after Asahara. Yes, this cult leader does what Herman Cain was doing. “You want a job, right?” Then “Hadaka ni narinasai (be naked)!” Yes, she got a blow job. This scene just made me so furious. So unfair this dirty religious bastard!

Just horrendous, forcing female followers to become sex slaves, of course choosing only young good looking ones according to his taste, infringing human rights. Yes, CEDAW Article 6 explicitly states that signatory countries should suppress prostitution. No soapland or health. Obamacare don’t cover that kind of health care. A harem is private prostitution for powerful rich men. These men already have wives, and probably mistresses, and now harem!? It’s totally unfair, really unfair. Haves and have-nots. Rich and poor. Bourgeoisie and proletariat. Yes, one rich dad with so many chicks, while we get little checks, it’s totally unfair. Yes, they got hot tramps while we get food stamps. They embrace girls in fancy bed, but we hug dakimakura on rags in six mat room.

Girls always tell us that they are seeing someone, or already have boyfriend, or already married, or worse, dating married men like Nana. It just can’t help. They say it’s “true love.” Ok, they can still keep “true love.” But, they can give us “true fuck,” no? Why is skinship only limited to spouse or lover? That’s just insane. And girls are monogamous, but their dudes are not, so adultery prevails.  No wonder girls are unavailable. So many losers like us, and some become 2D complex otaku.

Yeah, so “true fuck.” I mean, they make love to their sweethearts more than 100 times a year. I am just requesting only once a year, yeah one night stand. So, only 1% of their sex life. Yes, they get to keep 99%. Yes, just 1%, come on, it’s only 1%. I’m just asking if they can share 1% with lonely otaku. I don’t think the hurdle is high for charity. It’s even lower than tithe or any income tax rate. If they can share 1%, otaku can be saved. Only the cult leader can sleep around while subordinates are required to vow chastity? What kind of society is that? Skinship is monopolized by the ruling class in capitalism; rich dudes get fat checks and hot chicks, while we get welfare checks and 2D chicks. No warmth of skinship, just a taste of cold LCD. I’m not begging for a dollar. Not even a quarter. It’s just a one little penny.  Un poquito por favor!

As Clapton sings, “In your pocket, not a penny. As for friends, you don’t have any.


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe