Gourmet Girl Graffiti, eroticism necessary?

met Wow, this is amazingly erotic!

Ahh, how cute. Just watched Gourmet Girl Graffiti ep 1. Sakamoto Maaya singing OP with Rasmus Faber taste, who did Try Unite for Lagrange, who admires Kanno Youko dearly. That OP, ohhh, so cute, kawaii, and moetically cute. Girly anime, that embodiment of cuteness, with Okada Mari writing who did Ano-Hana. And ED, which sounds a bit OP of NHK, but very cute. Satou Rina who voiced Misaka of Railgun, totally different tone of voice, calm, tranquil, therapeutic fuwafuwa voice.

I want to enjoy the taste of gourmet, but I’m no gourmet, I don’t have bourgeois taste, I’m not sommelier either, I don’t know any wine, I don’t drink sake. Sake just tastes like rotten rice, wine like rotten grape, vodka like rotten potato, whiskey like spoiled corn, and beer like rotten barley. It’s all rotten and spoiled, like rotten girls, or fujoshi. Though they claim they are charming because they are fermented (cultured). Well, charms come from fermentation, but creepiness comes from putrefaction. To me, alcohol smells decay and decomposition. In fact, it’s bad for health. It’s drug, and it’s poison. But legal drug. Drug to forget loneliness, and easier to get connected with ppl, especially opposite sex. Well, for me, alcohol doesn’t help me get intimated with girls. Well, another drug I tried is religion, Marx called it opium, which didn’t work for me, but finally anime, able to get connected with 2D girls. Yes, these girls in anime are so kawaii. I mean, they are really cute. They act cute and it’s exaggerated cuteness of behavior and action, like how they talk, walk, say bye, express romance and intimacy, everything they do is really therapeutically kawaii. When they get mad, they get their cheeks ballooned like a blowfish. If real girls do it, it will look unnatural or plainly stupid or kissing ass. It’s cheesy and lame. Well, but if she is cute, who cares? I will get intoxicated anyway. Yes, like maids at Akihabara. Their cute gestures, swinging fists up and down, hopping, walk like a small penguin, very close personal space, and upward glance with big watery eyes. Uru-uru. Howaaa, yeah. Bring it on!

nabe1But this two girls. Distant cousins. I wish I had a distant cousin that cute. Yes, a cute girl. Two lonely girls. Friendship thru food. Ahh, food is a catalyst to connect ppl. Yes, like Last Supper, sharing the plate or nabe (hot pot).nabeThe scene of nabe is so erotic, the way Ryo eats. But why is nabe very erotic?eroticeating

Oh yes. Nabe. It’s used by girls to get guys into bed in Japan. So, if girls say, “Let’s do nabe at your place.” Then, translates, “Let’s have sex tonight.” If a girl wants to prey on her target, she brings grocery to his apt. That scene was in Golden Time. Nabe is especially fit for winter, when ppl need skinship the most, yes, cuddle together to warm up their body. Yes, nabe is a symbol for intimacy. That’s why nabe induces eroticism.

inariinari1Ryo eats erotic, but why has to be this erotic? To inari (clear reference to scrotum), she reaches orgasm. This is an anime version of Tanaka Minami’s erotic gourmet report. She was the most notorious erotic gourmet reporter in Japan. Well, Ryo’s is not a report but a graffiti (anime). eroticgourmentreporter

Ah, I think I really like this anime. Still episode one, but already fallen in love. As moe was brought to my attention, my moe-radar gets signal. So says my moetic intuition. That’s what I need. Nabe with a girl at my apt, ah….

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