You Know You Watch Too Much Anime When…

Oh, if it were only true/for me and for you…

…This article in your MSN Hotmail home page immediately makes you think of Lovely Complex.

7 thoughts on “You Know You Watch Too Much Anime When…

  1. I love that scene! It makes me laugh how Otani justifies that since most Japanese people love smaller things (such as electronics), the next logical step would be for them to love small men.

  2. Yeah, a it’s coincidence, but darned funny and interesting reading too (I’m not exactly tall either). That’s reminded me that I need to get back into watching Lovely Complex – it kinda fell by the wayside with so many other really high quality shows this season.

    That has to be the funniest screencap of the week though.

  3. When I hear the phrase “small men” I always think of small as in being small down there, lol

  4. Well, fortunately for me, down there is never the problem 😀
    Anyway, isn’t this show another shojo? The title should be, “You know you watch too many shojo anime when…”

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