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Come on YUBARI, get with the times!


Desperate city turns to anime figure

The local tourism organization on Sunday arranged a contest for girls in the former mining community to dress up as Heidi, of “Heidi, Girl of the Alps” fame.

Residents of the city, where half the population is aged 60 or older, refer to women in their 50s as “girls” and those under 50 as “young girls.”

Ray’s Take: well, I guess the city is soooooo old that you’d have to be 120 to be a real old fossil! What about kids? Are they referred to as “premature females”? Wow, this is an old-ass city. But damn, get with the times! Get some teenage girls from outside of the town and have them dress up as Shana, Louise, Nagi, or other moe characters! Take an example from the Buddhist monks and draw some moe mining comics! Or at least do a Raideen cosplay (doesn’t Raideen come out of a mountain or something)!

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