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Chikan beware! Tissues are being handed out for your wiping pleasure!

From Japan

Tokyo police launch weeklong anti-groping campaign on trains

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department launched an anti-groping campaign on Monday, with some 200 people including high school girls handing out fliers and tissues at Ikebukuro station.

Ray’s Take: Good idea…Is what I’d like to say. On one hand, it makes the message really clear when you have the usual victims interact with passengers before they get on the trains so that they’d at least see the faces and kind interact with them, without just seeing them as merely meat to be handled. At the same time, the public awareness will be raised, but on the other hand, the irony of tissues being handed out by girls is just too hard for me to pass up in the discussion. The Japanese society sexualizes women and so directly and indirectly, people are almost inviting awful behaviors in different places. What makes it worse is that in a lot of places, screaming out is frowned upon so the poor gal who doesn’t realize that she should scream anyways and she’s too afraid to be a subject of public awareness. I like what Tanaka Rie did whenever a groper groped her (more than once, apparently) – she grabs the person’s hand and tries to take him to the station personnel, who in term, could take the chikan to the police. I think that takes a lot of guts. There is no need for patience there at all. And yes, Rierie does have a nice ass.

Looking from it from another angle, smiling, probably giggling high school girls in short skirts handing out fliers and TISSUES for crime prevention? Hmm, I wonder how effective that would be, especially in Tokyo?

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