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Bubblegum Crisis Live OP

All right, teen people and the younger and older folks, here’s one thing that Uncle Ray really likes only because he lived through the 80’s. Behold, it’s Bubblegum Crisis OP live!

Shit, I didn’t even know about this show in 1988 as a kid, and yet, years later, when I picked up on Amazon as a cheap selection, I was FUCKING HOOKED. I was in the middle of my marathon of missing the 80’s and everything about the OAV really grabbed me! I really love the rocking part of the soundtrack!

For our Japanese readers, this was part of the anime that you never learned about. It has the same chara designer as Dirty Pair, but this was the high-budget production OAV that never finished. This was the pefect tribute to “Blade Runner”! So if you can find this in your local stores, Japanese fans, I highly suggest you check it out!

Anyway, see the live video below!


It’s the 80’s Japan that I longed for!

I used the Anime version because it much clearer…

The unclear live version…

Look, of course I know I’m just being a fucking idiot and an old fart, and these people look terrible for today’s age. But it was a glorious age for many of us, nonetherless. It was a time that things didn’t fuck up every 5 minutes and life didn’t change every 3 days to to 3 months! It’s called “stability” and people used to enjoy this luxury!

It’s 10:05 PM on Thursday, December 31, Taipei Time and I hope 2009 as well as the era of 00’s go back to the hell hole it crawled out of! Enjoy what’s left of it and here’s a better 2010 and beyond!

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