Mike was selected to be the other Mega Playboy.

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From the Diet Daily

October 5th, 2007, The Diet 3. We were the only source that break the news to you that Mr. Mike Huang was abducted by the Cybergods. Well, apparently, for whatever unknown reason, the cybergods had selected Mr. Mike Huang as the next Mega Playboy for the next 1000 years.

“OHMIGOD! I mean, MICHAEL-SAMA IS SO HOT!” Said one women in LA who refused to be named and refused to be racially identified. “God! I just want to follow him to his school, his classes, his room, and his bathroom…I mean when he goes to In ‘n’ Out Burgers!”

“I just want to have many children with ‘the Huang’!!!” Said another women in Pasadena who refused to be named and to be racially identified. “His genes are freaking awesome, and OMIGOD! Listening to his oh-so-sexy voice on the podcast just makes me feeling so hot in the $#%$*!!! Even more than listening to Michael Bolton singing!”

We tried to get a statement from Mr. Huang but he was unavailable. We saw him going into a female professor’s office.

Then 2 hours after, he left the female professor’s office. We once again tried to get a statement from him, but the cybergods summoned him immediately.

“I think he’s rather overwhelmed.” Said Ray Hu, the co-host of anime diet the web site. “He’s not used to the attention, and he’s considering to call himself ‘the artist who used to be called Michael Huang’. Or that’s what he told me.”

Jeremy Booth, the other co-host of the radio program on the website, shook his head when we interviewed him. “I think he’s way over his head. I mean, 200 women stalking him doesn’t make him all that popular.”

He immediately ran away from what we saw was – at least 500 women was chasing after him.

We finally found Mr. Fred, the4th writer on the web site, in what he called “the Love Palace”. He said: “What? The problems these guys face don’t even come close to the problems I face everyday.”

Our agency was having troubles finding 3 of the 4 guys running the site sometime later. We found Ray Hu, but he refused to give any comments.

His girlfriend shot our reporters out of his door with 1000 gigaslaves.

We’ll try to keep you updated.

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