Welcome, Scattered Cels Readers! Our New Home

Hello Scattered Cels readers! This is our new home, called Anime Diet, which is now hosted at animeblogger.net.

The podcast has also been moved, and is now called Anime Diet Radio! Click below to subscribe via iTunes, or on the links on the right.

Click here to subscribe to the podcast thru iTunes!

If you already subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, you don’t need to do a thing: it’ll automatically take you to the new information. Plus all the back episodes, except for the first one, are available now on the iTunes Store! (You don’t want to listen to the terrible sound quality of the first episode. Trust me.)

Why did we move? Mostly because I wanted to switch to WordPress from Movable Type. WordPress has easier-to-use and much more flexible plugins for things like podcasting and polls, better comment and trackback spam filtering (spam was a constant headache here), and its dynamic publishing makes it much faster to update. We also felt it was time for a name change (the name is Ray’s idea! it’s more evocative and easier to remember than “Scattered Cels”) and moving to animeblogger would increase our exposure. Other than that, nothing will fundamentally change.

Thanks to all our faithful readers and commenters who have lavished your attention on Scattered Cels! Enjoy our new home here on Anime Diet!!

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