Dieting For Two Years and Counting


As of today…Anime Diet is two years old! We’ve come a very long way since Ray and I started a humble little podcast and blog called Scattered Cels as a way to do something together. We’ve had convention panels, press passes, videos galore and more than a thousand articles and almost 3000 comments. Thousands of you have listened to our podcast over the past couple of years too, and the site even helped get me a job.

Thank you to all our staff past and present, and to you, our readers and listeners for your support. We are here to stay, and so here’s to many more years of fandom and otakuness!

7 thoughts on “Dieting For Two Years and Counting

  1. Everyone – you kick ass and thanks to you all, our lives are interesting! We don’t always hear your thoughts, but we get to do whatever we want, and yet we get folks to read & listen! Thank you for all your support and don’t mind us, we’re just being ourselves while trying to add a little light to the life of anyone who wants to listen! Fandom Banzai!

  2. Woooo! Now I feel like I’m actually part of a social group involving anime and manga! My life is wonderful! Anyway, congradulations! Looking forward to more humorous/serious blog entries.

  3. Congratulations!  This blog is one of the first I turn to when it has new content, and you always seem to have uniquely interesting things to say.

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