The Diet 2 is moving to Diet 3.

I’ve been controlling this conspiracy all along.

From Anime Diet Archive

Sept. 19, Los Angeles, USA. After days being under attack by Cyber Angels, The city of Anime Diet is finally moving to Anime Diet 3.

MAGI is still having problems fixing itself and hence Dr. Akagi is currently doing the repair work. She could not be reached for comment by the time of the press. But comm operator Maya indicated that in this case, she consented that moving to Diet 3 is a good idea.

“We are grateful for the former site. But we have been planing to move to a more stable environment and establish our base – the last hope for the humanity – there [Diet 3], in order to preserve mankind.” Maya said.

“Everything is progressing smoothly as planned and Diet 3 shall be presented by Friday,” said Ikari “Mike” Gendo. “In the meantime, there will be a 2 to 3 week period where people may visit the former site but they’ll be transported to the new site.”

When asked if Diet 2, formerly known as Scattered Cells, is going to be dismantled, Gendo responded flatly, “it’ll be there as the place holder. But new technological developments will be made inside Diet 3”

He refused to comment about the Gate or the possibility of a 10th impact.

Our sources tell us that it is unclear at the moment if there will be a extravagant opening ceremony on Friday.

Please be warned that the site of Diet 2 is going to be closed to posts and comments on Friday, September 21, at 5 PM Pacific Time (8 PM Eastern), and Diet 3 will be open shortly thereafter.

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