Helping the Industry (and Ourselves): the Anime Diet Store

Yes, she is.
Yes, she is.

The long quest in making the writers and podcasters of Anime Diet rich has taken another step forward: we have just opened our new Anime Diet (a)Store! The link is in our main menu above. It’s an Amazon Associates store, so all sales are made through; now you can purchase manga and DVDs of any series we’ve reviewed that has a US release. This includes every available manga or DVD volume for a series, not just the first volume–so even though we haven’t talked about the Bleach anime much, you can still buy any or all Bleach DVDs through us. More merchandise will be added as time goes by.

So if you’re looking to buy some anime and manga tha you saw via our site–help the industry, and help us by purchasing through our store! Those bandwidth costs aren’t zero, you know. 🙂

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