Anime Diet is Three Years Old Today

Celebrate Christmas and our birthday with us!

Today, Anime Diet turns three years old! In addition to a new site layout, the staff would like to say a few words to all of you, our loyal readers and listeners, for being with us since 2006.

Mike: Three years already? I guess that makes it one of the older anime blogs out there…not that that matters in a way, except to say that the dedication we’ve shown these past three years has been impressive indeed. We’re here to stay and not going anywhere but up. Anime Diet’s been through a lot of phases and a lot of changes, starting from its original name (“Scattered Cels”) to the composition of the staff–though there have always been constants as well as some fresh new voices. I want to thank all of you readers, listeners, and watchers who have been part of our audience, and for all the staff that have been part of this venture. Watch this space in 2010: there’s going to be even more great things coming your way!

Ray: 3 years, huh? It still feels more like 2. Not sure if I’ve done much or enough but I’m glad I contributed. Really don’t know if we are a big presence or not. I assume we’re doing OK. I’d like to see more interactions as well as ideas and I wish people would comment more often. But whatever. Thanks for reading, listening and following.

Moritheil: What is the nature of criticism? Science tells us that merely by observing a thing, it is possible that we might change it, and in a different way this is true for criticism as well. To properly criticize a work, in a sense, is to reinvent it. And so we are not passive observers, at Anime Diet – we question, we examine, we interpret. Some of our posts have engendered strong opinions – in agreement, in disagreement, or both in reaction to the same post. This continues to happen, which I take as an indication that our reviews are as relevant and incisive as ever.

Matt: My first assignment for Anime Diet was Code Geass. I loved that show and could write about it all the time. It taught me to look at anime as more than just entertainment. All media should be treated as art with a creator trying to send a message or emotion. Anime is a unique medium that I have been proud to critique and enjoy. I love being able to add my own thoughts on the matter and hear what others have to say about something. It is amazing to be a part of something that critiques and explores art that most people do not understand. So here is to all the artists, fans, and everyone who enjoys anime.

Wintermuted: Having only been here a few months, I can say without reservation that Anime Diet has become something of a confession spot for me. A place to air out not merely my love of Japanese cartoons, but also some things that otherwise would seem unfit for an anime news depot. And most of this comes from having some of the most encouraging colleagues I’ve ever had the fortune to stumble across. Nothing ever feels too wild or esoteric, and for that Anime Diet feels like the best parts of a Great Frontier. Between anime’s past, present, and future, there’s plenty of cool to explore. So I hope to remain a fun & informative acolyte for all. Cheers!

dcbebop: What can I say about the site Mike and Ray have built over these past three years? How do you sum up in one short paragraph the gross amount of love, fandom, and dedication that has poured from their fingertips onto the keyboard, over the intertubes, and violates your ocular recepticles like demonic tentacles through a sailor suit? What can I possibly say that would make you understand just how much work and stress this site has caused them simply for your viewing/reading enjoyment while flamers dig their grubby dirt caked nails into the comment section to try and destroy everything they hold dear and true? Is there something so simple as a spoken phrase of words that can describe the tremendous amount of sweat inducing labour that it takes just to keep Anime Diet at the peak of the the internet’s wealth of anime blogs?

Dick jokes.

Yeah, that about covers it…

5 thoughts on “Anime Diet is Three Years Old Today

  1. Alriiiight!! Gratz on year 3 guys! I love to see people sticking it out in this day and age where sites and people seem to come and go at the drop of a hat.

  2. might be a cliche thing to say, but I really thought you were muchhh older than our blog (we’ll be 3 years in a few months too)!! Congrats!!! MOAR POWAH!

    Keep up the anime diet-ing! :3

  3. 誕生日おめでとう!!!!

    Well that’s my attempts for throwing in Japanese. Congrats on your three years.. and while I don’t listen to your podcasts, I always found that your reviews and posts have been interesting to look through..

    Happy times for the next year. \(^_^)/

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