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Oreimo Reunion by ClariS is amazing!


You know, I just watched the unaired last three episodes of Oreimo 2nd season. That was shockingly astonishing…, so no wonder it didn’t get aired, I mean I’m not a huge fan of moral decadent anime like Yosuga No Sora. But the last three episodes were actually the best part. 

Ah, I don’t have imouto (little sister) by myself, so I just regret that how fun my life would have been if I had a little sister. Yes, originally, imouto was imo (same kanji 妹), which meant “close or intimate girl.” It wasn’t just a little sister, but “sister, female cousin, wife, girlfriend, mistress, sex friend, close female buddy, and sweet girl.” Ebonics’s “sister” has a similar connotation. But when Japan adopted Chinese, this kanji (妹) meant “little sister” in Chinese, so the definition for this kanji has become only imouto. So, symbolically and spiritually and mythologically, imouto is yome (wife). Izanagi and Izanami were twins, so the incest gave birth to JapanBlolo Bla (spirit wife) of the Baule people can be similar. Just like Shinkai Makoto redefined “koi (romance)” into “ko-hi (lonesome sadness = saudade/sehnsucht) with The Garden Of Words, I think Oreimo redefined “imouto (little sister)” into “imo (sweet intimate girl).” Yes, going back to the authentic Japanese tradition before the Western or Chinese influence. It’s often been reported that some girl got creeped out when some otaku begged her to call him, “onii-chan.” This girl simply don’t understand the real Japanese tradition. Sis-con otaku are the truest Japanese people on earth! Nobody can come close to this Japanese authenticity. Imouto moe is more culturalist than visiting Yasukuni. Yup, gay marriage is now accepted anywhere in America since DOMA got struck down. So now, I can propose to Kyousuke, so Kirino will be my imouto-in-law. “I want to marry you because I want to have imouto.” Yes, viva gay marriage! I’m so glad that Obama is our president, who declared legalization of 2D marriage.

Since I watched the unaired last three episodes, I thought the OP was pretty cool, so I’ve been trying to figure out the chords for OP of Oreimo Season 2, “Reunion.” And I’m just amazed. The bridge part, “Gyutto~ tsukanda~.” That particular chord progression is amazing. Cm7 Gm7 AbM7 Gm7 Fm7 G(b13) Cm7, BM7 Bbm7 EM7 AM7(b5), Fm7 B11. Yes, its key is in Eb, the key a lot of jazz numbers are in. And this chord pattern, wow, kz is just a genius electro-master. The intro pattern is awesome too, AbM7 AbMm7 Gm7 Cm7 Fm7 Gm7 AbMm7 Bb11 Eb. It feels like something wonderful will take off pretty soon. Yes, high hope and expectation. This sense of hope is even greater than Sukiyaki. Yes, kz employs a major-minor 7. Very saudade chord. I didn’t know this would sound so great with the synthesizer. This fast beat pop music has this sophisticated chords that normally used in bossa nova. Probably, because kz produces music with a keyboard, yes ten fingers to hit the notes at once with a wide range of 88 keys. That’s why keyboard player’s chords tend to be more sophisticated like Nakata Yasutaka.

I really hope ClariS will come to America to have a concert. Yes, I hope they will come out and show themselves to the public. Probably when they turn 18? I so want to go to their concert, and also ClariS cafe in Akiba. The best anime-song unit ever. Clara and Alice duo. Magica Madoka songs were good. But this Oreimo 2nd OP song is the best one. They made a debut when they were still in middle school, and now they are in high school somewhere in Hokkaido. True prodigy! Yes, Hokkaido that I never set my foot on! Ah, I so wanna go… Why don’t they have a concert in Hokkaido? I would go. The place of Mutsugorou Animal Kingdom, and also the location for Silver Spoon and Servant x Service.

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